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Buying Baby Rainbow Boas Online

buying baby rainbow boas

Buying baby rainbow boas online has never been easier. A quick search will bring you to a small number of qualified online reptile shops that carry these amazing snakes for sale. Its very important that you know about the animal you are about to buy as well as its needs and care requirements. Let’s discuss two of the more popular rainbow boas for sale. We feel that the Brazilian rainbow boa and the leucistic Columbian rainbow boa are fantastic pet snakes.

Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boas As Pets

Baby Brazilian rainbow boas as pets are becoming available now for the year. They are normally available for sale as feeding and healthy baby rainbow boas for a limited time each year.Brazilian rainbow boas are a deep red base color with a pattern of black circles and silver or grey side markings. These small boas grow to an adult size of four to five feet long.

Baby Leucistic Columbian Rainbow Boas As Pets

Another fantastic option is baby leucistic Columbian rainbow boas as pets. These amazing small snakes start off as a solid white and develop rich ivory colors as they mature. They are available in a blue eyed version as well as a black eyed one. Columbian rainbow boas are smaller than their Brazilian cousins. These snakes grow to an average adult length of three to four feet in length.

Keeping Rainbow Boas As Pets

Keeping rainbow boas as pets is easy and fun. They require the same things as most other boas but have to get some extra humidity. You can keep baby rainbow boas in a ten gallon terrarium with a small heating pad, a water dish, a small hide and some slender branches or vines. Rainbow boas should have a moss filled hide that is kept damp to help with shedding and humidity control. At xyzReptiles we have a nice selection of rainbow boas for sale with a live arrival guarantee and now buying baby rainbow boas is made simple with Sezzle at checkout.

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    What do you feed the babies? Live or dead small rodents?

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