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What Was The Original King Snake Pet?

what was the original king snake pet

What was the original king snake pet you ask? The answer depends on where you lived in the country and what you had access to. Long before there were snake specific websites on the Internet and before reptile shows across the country every weekend, there were price lists. Before price lists there was only what you could find in your area of the country. For the residents of the southeast US this meant the Florida king snake. These beautiful snakes are a huge part of the pet industry and are available in a variety of color mutations.

The Florida King Snake pet

The Florida king snake pet has been kept in peoples homes for decades. Florida king snakes are one of the largest snake species in the United States. They normally grow up to five feet long and sometimes even bigger. If you ever take a moment to speak to an older snake enthusiast who has done any field collecting you will hear about the one they caught that was at least six to seven feet long. Florida kings are a gentle and calm colubrid snake that will readily eat frozen thawed rodents and are easy to work with.

Finding Kingsnakes For Sale

Finding Florida kingsnakes for sale is easier than ever. With a simple online search you can find a number of online reptile stores that offer colubrids for sale including kingsnakes for sale. Make sure that you ask the relevant questions before purchasing your next reptile pet to ensure you can care for it properly. We recommend a captive born animal that is already feeding on frozen thawed rodents for the best possible outcome. At xyzReptiles we have a large number of reptiles for sale including Florida king snakes. We offer safe same day shipping and have a live arrival guarantee. We also do not recommend or condone catching or keeping snakes form the wild.

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