Baby Blue Eyed Leucistic Colombian Rainbow Boa

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Species: Epicrates maurus  Length: 14-16 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4324Categories:
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Our beautiful baby blue eyed leucistic Colombian rainbow boas for sale are from a very trusted breeder who has been in the industry for over thirty years. These amazing and docile small sized  leucistic rainbow boa constrictors grow to a very manageable size of three to four feet in length. They are a light brown and tan color in the wild. Through selective breeding we are able to offer you an ivory colored snake with beautiful and brightly colored blue eyes. Leucistic rainbow boas are able to feed on a diet of small rodents as new borns and as they mature they can eat larger meals. Adult rainbow boas can be fed a larger rodent diet like medium rats. They can also be kept in a larger enclosure like a four foot terrarium or a larger custom made tank. Normal baby Colombian rainbow boas are beautiful as well with a shiny and iridescent rainbow hue. You may also want to consider our slightly larger Brazilian rainbow boas as pets.


3 reviews

  1. Sara Baker (verified owner)

    I’ve waited almost a whole month to leave my review.

    This was my first time buying from this company and I will order again from them!
    I had to change my shipping date not once but twice. XYZ was easy to work with and easy to contact. They helped me both times to change my shipping date and even double checked before shipping out.
    The packaging was great! My snake arrived alive and well. They even sent me a care sheet on him, included what he was eating and how often. It even had his hatch date on it.

    The care and service they provide is one of a kind. I’m beyond happy and thrilled with my newest addition. Since being in my care, he’s been fed weekly and never refuses. He’s even shed. I can’t thank XYZ enough for their hard work and dedication to these animals.

  2. Amelia Davis (verified owner)

    First time ordering from this company, first time purchasing a snake through any website. Ordered her before the weekend, so, had to wait until the following week before she arrived. She did arrive as scheduled, Tuesday morning before 10:30 AM. She seemed a little cramped in the container they had her in, but, I assumed that was for her safety as to not move around too much, which could probably be harmful, during the shipping process. She was much more energetic than I thought she would be right out of the box. Very curious and checked out every square inch of her new terrarium home. She seemed healthy, although as soon as she got comfortable in her hide, I have yet to see her since (almost 4 days, but, Ive been told it can take them some time to get decompressed and comfortable in a new environment, and, to not disturb them as much as possible during the first few days. Her regularly scheduled feeding day is on Fridays, so, I hope she graces us with her presence by then.) I had made a few calls to customer care before her arrival with questions about a potential complication with billing (which was resolved-no problems) and, about how to care for her (as I got a lot of different answers to the same questions while doing my own research.). They were very helpful and informative, although I was told to buy her large fuzzy mice, and, they could be either frozen or live. However, her info card that came with her specified live hopper mice. I had also ordered a “boa constrictor habitat kit” within the same order, and, she was delivered before the habitat kit was. I still have yet to receive the kit, so, I was really glad I had gone to a local reptile store to buy some supplies for her beforehand… Customer care explained to me that the other products are shipped differently by USPS. I just wish I had been aware of that before I ordered. It may have been notated somewhere, if it was, it was not noticeable. Other than that, pretty satisfied. She is beautiful, and, so happy to have her join our family :). Hopefully will receive the other items I had ordered soon.

  3. CHRISTOPHER BOYER (verified owner)

    Second time ordering from them and amazing experience again. Perfect shipping, and detailed information about the snake. He’s a perfect little guy and happy with their service again.

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