Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa

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Species: Epicrates cenchria  Length: 14-16 inches Diet: rodents Image: Representative Image SKU:A4307Categories:
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The Brazilian rainbow boa is a rich red, yellow and black colored boa constrictor with a bright rainbow sheen when viewed under uv lighting. They can reach four to five feet in length as adults. Our baby Brazilian rainbow boas for sale are healthy, tame and feeding. You may also be interested in our slightly smaller baby blue eyed leucistic Columbian rainbow boas.

21 reviews

  1. chrisbwsmith91916 (verified owner)

    My brazilian rainbow boa is very beautiful and he’s very healthy! Really thankful! The seller was very good about communicating everything! Will buy from here again!

  2. kellbell101285 (verified owner)

    My Brazilian Rainbow Boa is absolutely gorgeous and healthy! He arrived quickly and safely. I definitely recommend purchasing!

  3. arobrecht2 (verified owner)

    It’s obvious that these people really care for their reptiles. When I took my baby out of his box, his scales were shiny and healthy. He had clearly been handled plenty before coming to me, because he was very friendly. He didn’t show any signs of having lived in a stressful environment, and he adapted to his new terrarium very quickly. Customer service was also great; they sent me pictures of the different snakes they had in stock when I asked. If I’m ever in the market for another snake I’ll definitely use this site.

  4. Jamie Gruno (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my baby that I ordered! They care deeply bout there animals and it shows! Thank you for the beautiful brb, thank you!

  5. skoolerb82 (verified owner)

    Got a call from XYZ informing me it was to cold to be delivered to my house. So I picked it up from the closest FedEx. This was my first experience with them and it shows they do a little homework and care. Impressed!

  6. Cain Sanchez (verified owner)

    I ordered my Brazilian Rainbow Boa on a Sunday. I received my package on Thursday. They sent me text messages and answered any questions I had throughout the process. I will definitely be buying more reptiles. Amazing service!

  7. xadriana9

    Such a beautiful snake. He arrived the day I put in the notes for the order and he arrived safe. They packaged it very well and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again and If anyone out there is planning on ordering a snake from them, do it!

  8. christian PEREZ

    Super fast shipping and it arrive well. I recommend this page, they are the best breeder. My frilled Australian dragon arrived super happy, and has been from the moment I opened the box. I put him in his terrarium and 20 minutes later he was eating.

  9. Christian Bondoc (verified owner)

    I love my male brazilian rainbow boa! Arrived when they said he would. He’s so friendly and active, plus his iridescence is amazing! Absolutely in love with him!

  10. Ruth Bundick (verified owner)

    Alive, super alert and feisty. He will make an excellent addition. Second purchase of live boa, love xyz!

  11. isaiah2593 (verified owner)

    The Brazilian rainbow boa I received was very active, aware and nippy. Awesome service , well packaged animals, and very healthy. You can’t get any better than here. I definitely will be buying from here on out.

  12. Jason DeCaro (verified owner)

    We received our beautiful Brazilian Rainbow Boa ,overnighted, healthy and safe. She was our first online purchase and we are thrilled. We will definitely be using XYZReptiles in the future.

  13. rocketdaryl

    I purchased “Herm the Worm” in early January. I couldn’t be happier. He arrived warm, alert, healthy, and quite feisty, lol.
    Herm has beautiful markings and he tamed down very quickly with just a couple of weeks of frequent handling.
    I can’t recommend XYZreptiles enough and they will definitely receive all of my business in the future.
    p.s. You couldn’t ask for nicer folks to deal with.

  14. Allyson Kennedy (verified owner)

    I got my beautiful little gal at the beginning of February. She arrived toasty warm in her container. Her iridescence is gorgeous! She has settled into her enclosure, eating, and thriving! Definitely making future reptile purchases with XYZ!

  15. Diamondback.459 (verified owner)

    Received Gypcy “female Brazilian Rainbow Boa on 25 November. Very beautiful and very active. Well worth the wait and I’m extremely pleased. Thnx XYZ

  16. Royce A. (verified owner)

    Successful first online reptile purchase I did my research and nothing but good reviews on the company. Ordered a female BRB and her arrival day was delayed due to Irma but the company called and explained everything which was great. She arrived just in time to be a surprise birthday present for my boyfriend. Right out of packaging she was bright in color, friendly ,very curious and alert. Definitely would recommend the company!

  17. 10ray187 (verified owner)

    Bueatiful female rainbow boa; she arrived healthy and in amazing condition. I also received a card with her saying her birthday, day of the week she is fed and what she’s being fed. Never had that from any other place I’ve bought from; very impressed with xyzreptiles and will definitely buy from again.

  18. emilymusgrove6 (verified owner)

    I recently bought a male Brazilian rainbow boa from xyzreptiles and have no complaints. They answered all of my questions and were very knowledgeable and nice. Their prices are great, as well. My boa arrived alive & well and has being doing great. I highly recommend xyzreptiles

  19. jarettditto (verified owner)

    Beautiful snake, she came in healthy and active.

  20. sewor86 (verified owner)

    My female arrived bright and early alive and well. Wasn’t snappy and an all around great snake

  21. Michael (verified owner)

    The snake came overnight and was in a really good mood upon arrival. The ordering experience was fantastic and the snake is in perfect health, and happily hangs out with me when I get her out of her habitat.

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