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The Blue tongue skink is all the rage but do they make good pets?

There have been many waves of fad pets in the reptile industry over the last few years. These waves have included such favorites as the Burmese Python, the Leopard Gecko, The Australian pythons as a group and the Ball Python and its many color morphs. Recently the eyes of the collectors and breeders across the world have been focused on the Blue Tongue Skink. There is good reason for this as the gentle temperament and varied locality and color morphs of this Australian lizard make it a great reptile pet. Other reptile pet fads have come and gone through the years and it will be very interesting to see if blue tongues are here to stay.

Blue Tongue Skink for Sale

Currently there is a big surge in acquisition and breeding of the Blue Tongue Skink by many of the big breeders around the country and the world. This is mainly due to the fact that as new and exciting color variations of the many skink species from Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia emerge on the market the interest in the project and the species as a whole continues to grow. This building of excitement and hard work by breeders will ensure that the public will have a much easier time when looking for a blue tongue skink for sale. Although the prices on some of the more visually distinct morphs like the Albino Blue Tongue and the Melanistic Blue Tongue are still way out of the pet owners reach with time and mass production this will change.

The Blue Tongue Skink is a medium sized lizard that rarely reaches a length over 24 inches and as a terrarium dweller with a gentle disposition it can surely be considered a great reptile pet. With a life expectancy of 15-20 years or more and a varied diet that is readily available in processed form these animals are sure to be appreciated by keepers and breeders alike. They are currently found in a variety of colors and localities and if you are looking for blue tongue skinks as pets then you will be happy to know that we are in the process of expanding our lizards category to include skinks. We will also be adding a skink maintenance and set up guide in our care sheets section of the site so make sure you check back in the next few weeks for exciting deals and more.

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