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Top Selling Lizards & The Reasons Why

As reptiles and reptile sales across the country continue to grow annually it has become apparently clear that some of the best-selling reptiles happen to be lizards. These lizards can be as small and adorable as leopard geckos or as large and impressive as water monitors. The popularity of lizards for sale in the reptile market has been on an increasing path for the last twenty years. Here are some of the top selling lizards and the reasons why.

Leopard Geckos And Why They Are So Popular

One of the pillars of the reptile market happens to rest on the shoulders of the very diminutive Leopard Gecko. Leopard Geckos are naturally found through parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India but for the last twenty years the overwhelming majority of the leopard geckos for sale have come from small to large breeders here in the United States. Their friendly disposition along with an increasing variety of colors and patterns makes this small lizard one of the most popular in the world. Current trending morphs are the Pied Leopard Gecko and the Lemonfrost Leopard Gecko. People across the globe are working hard to acquire, breed and bring more of these beautiful pet lizards to awaiting reptile keepers.

Iguanas And Why They Are So Popular

Another one of the pillars of the reptile market happens to be large, green, scaly and spiked. Green Iguanas are one of the most common lizards for sale yet they can grow to be one of the biggest. At an impressive size of five to six feet for an adult male green iguana, this much loved pet lizard can be the focus of any reptile room. Green Iguanas are now found in a variety of colors including red, blue, yellow, white and purple/grey. Although some breeders are producing small numbers of captive born green iguanas in the United States, most of the animals seen for sale are imported from Iguana Farms in Central and South America. There is also a growing number of animals that are captured locally in South Florida for sale on the market. The reason Green Iguanas are so popular as pets is their gentle and trusting personality as well as their impressive size and their classic reptilian looks.

Chameleons And Why They Are So Popular As Pets

The third type lizard for sale worth mentioning is the Chameleon. Most of the Chameleons for sale on the market are either Panther chameleons or Veiled chameleons. There are two reasons why chameleons are as popular as they are today and one of those reasons is how completely alien they are to us. They are different in every way from their sticky tongues that shoot across the cage in search of a meal to their fused fingers that help them grip branches to their impressive ability of changing colors right before your eyes. The second reason for the current popularity of Chameleons as pets is the increasing use of computer generated characters in movies, cartoons and commercials. Apparently Hollywood is in love with Chameleons as much as the reptile world is.

Finding These Lizards For Sale Online

If you are interested in learning more about Lizards as pets or are looking for any of the reptile species mentioned here feel free to check us out at We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that has spent years working with these and other reptile species standing by to help you find that perfect pet lizard today.

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