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A Brief History Of Boas And Their Place In The Pet Trade

The name Boa constrictor has come to be known by many people around the world as the idealized image of a pet snake. It is as infamous amongst snakes as the image of a T-Rex among dinosaurs. This can be contributed to a number of facts including their attractive color and pattern, their functional size, behavior and finally their year around availability. Let’s look at some of these attributes of the world famous Boa constrictor.

Why Are Boa Constrictors So Famous

The main reason that boas are so famous is that they are used in television commercials and movies going all the way back to the original Tarzan television show and the original Indiana Jones movies. Boa constrictors have been used to represent snakes in circus acts, by magicians and exotic snake charmers for decades and this has led to the publics’ opinion of all snakes being boa constrictors. When you see one in person it is easy to understand why they are a perfect representation of our collective idealized snake.

What Makes Boa Constrictors Unique

By definition Boa constrictors are the live bearing cousins of the large constricting snakes known as pythons. They are both a part of the same group of ancient large, heavy bodied snakes that are some of the oldest living relatives of the more modern venomous snakes and colubrids. They are spread around the globe in places like Central and South America, the Caribbean, Madagascar, Asia and North Africa. They are found in the water in the form of Anacondas, in the tree tops as Tree Boas, on the ground as Ground Boas and underground as Sand Boas. They have truly mastered these many domains and have done so for a very long time, longer than any of our ancestors or far more distant relatives.

Are Boa Constrictors The Right Pet For Me

Many soon to be reptile owners ask what is the right pet snake to start with and for many the answer is a corn Snake or a Ball Python but for quite a few of you out there one of the many unique and colorful Boa Species might be the best option available. As you can see there is a huge diversity of sizes and habitat needs for Boas and that allows them to be appreciated as pets or display animals by a huge number of reptile keepers. They can be small and cute or large and predatory and in doing so offer something different for most people who like the exotic nature of snakes.

Where Can You find Boas for Sale

Boa Constrictors are protected around the world and require strict paperwork to be allowed in and out of countries where they are not native animals. The animals that are offered for sale in the pet trade have almost all been captively produced by breeders or farms from around the world. If you are looking for Boas for Sale then you should know that there is a large number of healthy and well fed Boas being offered to the public at xyzReptiles. There is a dedicated section that breaks down the different classes of Boas where you can find everything from Sand Boas to Rainbow boas, Red Tail Boas and more.

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