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Cinnamon vs Black Pastel Genetics In Banana Ball Python Morph Combos

banana ball python morphs

Some of the best looking ball python morphs are banana ball combinations. Banana ball pythons are very similar in appearance to coral glow ball pythons and both of these morphs are known for their bright coloration. Banana ball pythons have bright orange, yellow and purple colors mixed into their various pattern morphs. Some of the best looking coral glow and banana ball python morph combinations are the darker variants. Both cinnamon ball pythons and black pastel ball pythons are very dark animals in their base forms. Combining the two genes makes a very attractive looking ball python. The question is which looks better, the cinnamon or the black pastel banana ball.

The Mysterious Banana Ball Python Morph

The banana ball python is one of the more mysterious morphs ever encountered. For a long time all of the babies being produced from this morph were females. It is very confusing since most codom morphs reproduce themselves on an equal ratio of males to females. Aside form most of the banana babies being female, most of the non banana offspring are males. As a result this led to the theory that the gene was sex linked. These males ended up being female makers and could only make more female bananas. Eventually one of these female bananas matured and reproduced, an even mixture of male and female bananas were made in her clutch. The males from those clutches are termed male maker bananas since they mostly produced male visual offspring.

Adding The Pastel Gene To Make Other Ball Python Morphs

Another genetic mutation duo is the black pastel ball python and the cinnamon ball python. These two similar but different morphs breed together to make a super but start to look visibly different from each other in combinations. Adding the pastel gene to each of them makes two different looking pewter balls. Combining the green pastel gene with them will make two different looking gargoyle balls. Adding the banana or coral glow gene to them will make two different looking combinations as a result.

The question is which is the better looking one of the two. Some say the black pastel banana combo with its clean lines and darker purple colors is the better one of the duo. Others think that the cinnamon banana ball python combo with its brighter orange color and diffused lines looks better. We invite you to decide for yourself and if you are in the market for a new ball python pet, visit us to view a large selection of ball python morphs with overnight shipping and live arrival guarantee!

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