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Where can I find Kenyan sand boas for sale online?

Where can I Kenyan sand boas for sale online?

As a future reptile owner you may wonder “where can I find Kenyan sand boas for sale online?” The answer is very simple. You can find a variety of online reptile stores that offer different species of sand boas for sale. The hard part is to choose the right place to make your purchase. After thirty years in the business we have come up with a very simple solution. Find an online store that is as excited and interested in sand boas as you are right now. Furthermore, it is essential that a business that offers snakes for sale knows about the proper care and maintenance of the animals they keep. As well as being willing to pass that knowledge on to the customer.

The Many Kenyan Sand Boa Morphs Available

There are many Kenyan sand boa morphs available for sale. Furthermore because of captive breeding and genetic mutations more morphs are added every year. One important thing to look for when searching is proper identification. This includes identification of the mutation and the sex of the animal. Male sand boas stay much smaller than female sand boas. This effects the decisions you make depending on how large of a setup to get and how big of a pet you want. Some popular sand boa morphs for sale are striped, anery, albino and snow. The wild type or normal Kenyan sand boa is a very beautiful brown and orange or brown and yellow animal.

Kenyan Sand Boas For Sale Online

After you decide on the morph of the Kenyan sand boas for sale online, it is time to make your purchase. We recommend a small terrarium with aspen bedding or sand as the substrate. You can use a shallow water dish and some decoration to liven up the tank but you don’t need a hide spot. Naturally sand boas use the bedding as a hide spot. We also recommend a heat pad over a heat lamp. At xyzReptiles we carry a robust variety of Kenyan sand boas for sale. We are always available to help you with your sand boa and other reptile needs. Visit our safe and secure website to shop beautiful sand boa morphs and a large selection of other reptiles for sale.


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