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Did you know there are many different sand boa morphs?

many different sand boa morphs

You may know a lot about reptiles but did you know there are many different sand boa morphs? Sand boa morphs include pattern mutations like striped and paradox. They also include color mutations like albino, axanthic and snow. Albinos are orange and white while axanthics are black and white. Because snows are a combination of albino and axanthic they are two different shades of white. Many other mutations like paint and splash also exist and more are made every year.

What are sand boa morphs?

Because you know that there are many different types of reptiles, it is normal to wonder what are sand boa morphs? They are the genetic variations of color and pattern that are different than the boas from the wild. These boa morphs are sometimes found in nature but most are made in captivity. They are a result of breeding snakes that look slightly different together to make new patterns and designs.

Kenyan Sand Boa Care

Since all of the sand boas we offer are from Kenya, Kenyan sand boa care is very important to us. These beautiful, miniature snakes rarely reach over thirty inches in length. The males are even smaller and rarely get over twenty inches long. We recommend a small terrarium with either sand or premium aspen snake bedding. We also recommend a small heat pad as the only heat source. A shallow water dish and some decorations are nice to have. Sand boas will hide in the substrate so a hide spot is not necessary.

Find The Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale

On your quest to find the Kenyan sand boa for sale please consider xyzReptiles as an online option. We have a large variety of sand boa morphs for sale and are always available to help you with any reptile related inquiries. We also offer fast and secure overnight shipping to your door with a live arrival guarantee.


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