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Popular Red Tail Boas For Sale Online By xyzReptiles

There are many popular red tail boas for sale online and we want to tell you more about them. Some of them happen to include many different localities of boas from Central and South America. They also include Boa Constrictor morphs that range from the basic to highly complicated combinations. A few of these combinations are hybrids of different locality boas and even include crosses between mainland and insular species. The one locality they all have in common is the Columbian boa constrictor.

Columbian Boa Constrictors

Columbian Boa Constrictors are one of the earliest species of snakes kept as pets by the public. This goes back to the beginning of the last century and even earlier according to some news articles. Some of the first snakes in captivity were animals kept at zoos and road side attractions. Search for some examples of the snakes pictured in old black and white photos and in drawings.  As a result you will quickly notice that they are red tail boas.

Red Tail Boa Morphs

Red Tail Boa morphs are the genetic variations of the common type snakes found in the wild. Columbian boa morphs include color variations like the hypo morph. Hypo is short for hypomelanistic and refers to the reduction of black pigmentation which results in a faded pink colored snake. Another morph is the motley boa and this is a pattern mutation. Motley boas have a connected dorsal pattern and a patternless side. They also have a very bold look to them with lots of contrast. One of the best looking red tail boa morphs is the sunglow boa. Because Sunglow is a descriptive word, the actual genetics of the snake is hypomelanistic albino.

Finding Red Tail Boas For Sale Online

Thinking of finding red tail boas for sale online? We have loads of information about genetics, husbandry and more. W xyzReptiles as your one stop online reptile store for these beautiful pet snakes and more. Because of their popularity, we have a dedicated red tail boa category with loads of pictures and descriptions of our boas. We also have multiple articles about red tail boa history and care as well as morphs and even other boa species like sand boas. Our live arrival guarantee is an industry leader as well.

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