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Have you seen the Witblits Bearded Dragons? Something new and exciting in an otherwise over farmed market.

Other than the anticipation for the elusive Albino Bearded Dragons and the disappointment over the problems associated with the silky Bearded Dragon Morph there seemed to be nothing to talk about in the reptile community. That was before the Witblits morph hit the scene and took even the breeders by surprise. After years of attention going away from Bearded dragon morphs, this patternless and easy to make morph has changed all of that for good.

Witblits Bearded Dragons for Sale

Over the last few years I have not given much thought to Bearded Dragons other than making sure we always have them available since they are one of the most popular reptile pets on the market. That all changed when I saw the pictures of the first Witblits Bearded produced by a good friend right here in South Florida. I liked these little guys so much that I even considered setting some up for a moment or two. I didn’t go that far but I made sure to get a few of them and have Witblits Bearded Dragons for sale if anyone should come looking.

Origins of these Rare Bearded Dragons

The morph originated in South Africa and works as a simple recessive gene. The combinations available to date are Translucent, Leatherback, Hypo, Dunner and Hypo Translucent. There has also been a great looking solid black colored Hypermelanistic Translucent Witblits produced. This mutation is similar to the Zero morph except for the fact that the babies are born completely patternless and the fact that adults are able to maintain colors added to them by other morphs. These two things make the morph a must have for any breeder working with rare bearded dragons.

Like any new and exciting project in reptile propagation there is a huge demand that will make sure the first few hundred animals sold carry a larger than usual price tag. At xyzReptiles we carry only the Witblits bearded dragons for sale online as well as their combinations available to us. They are still considered an investment animal or breeder stock animal but they are too tempting not to be a fancy pet as well. Bearded Dragons are a very responsive pet that can thrive on care and affection and be spoiled rather easily. We recommend that you get informed on their care and maintenance with proper diet and enclosure specifications before purchasing one as like always we are here to help you with that process.

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