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The Champagne Ball Python origin story and name change.

Most Ball Python Morphs have great origin stories and the Champagne Ball Python is no exception. It has gone from Africa to America to Europe and back again as it tried to be the next big deal in Ball Python propagation a decade ago. It even spent a couple of years under a different name until the name Puma was more successfully taken by the Yellowbelly Spark cross. I remember feeling a bit sheepish after handing a guy from Ghana 12000 in a paper bag and thinking will I ever see a snake in return. Luckily all went well and that snake has been a tremendous asset for the past 8 years.

Searching for a Champagne Ball Python for Sale

I wasn’t the only breeder taking a chance in order to get a male champagne. There was a two-year window when everyone was jumping through hoops to get their hands on a Champagne Ball Python for sale. The market was driven initially by the hype of the next new thing but later by the real potential that a patternless ball python maker offered to breeders. As the years went by and the breeders started making animals that looked pretty much the same with slight color variations the excitement for the gene died down and people started to look elsewhere for their prize breeders. There was a small resurgence in interest when the Enchi Champagne was first produced and we all got to see the possibility of putting a pattern on an otherwise bland snake.

As people started to loose interest in the morph I realized a new potential for the gene through some select pairings with animals I had imported from Africa. The Champagne gene can be used as a sort of litmus test when looking for new potential co-dominant morphs that may otherwise be missed due to their genetic penetration. There are a number of Ball Python mutations that stand out like a sore thumb including Pinstripes, Spiders and Lessers and then there are the more obscure genes like the Het Red Axanthic, the Mocha and the All Ball. The beauty of Champagnes is that when crossed to any other mutation the result will be a variation from the normal color and shade. This can be used to detect whether your new breeding project should be focused on or put on the back burner.

Finding a Champagne Ball Python at Our Online Reptile Shop

Today there are a great number of Champagne Ball Python combos out there and some can be found at our online reptile shop. At xyzReptiles we understand and appreciate the beauty and importance of the gene and that is why we have a dedicated Category based on Champagne Balls and Combos. We carry a number of different Baby Ball Python Morphs and do our best to keep a large and varied inventory so if you are in the market for a Champagne Ball Python or combo don’t hesitate to check out our up to date inventory.

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