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Will a Tarantula make a good pet?

When you mention the word tarantula more people will think of fear than fondness thanks to movies like Arachnophobia. The fear people feel when confronted by a giant hairy spider is very real but the facts behind it are mostly imagined. Tarantulas are kept as pets around the world and one of the most recognizable and friendly groups are the Brachypelma of Central America. In reality the worst part about these pets is that when stressed they will fling hairs on their abdomen into the air and if you get some on you the sensation is the same as a minor fiberglass scrape. Most of the pet tarantulas available on the market are from this genus and the reason is that they are large, slow moving, docile and beautiful.

The group of tarantulas that make up this genus are the likes of the Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula B. smithi and the Mexican Red rump Tarantula B. vagans. These lovely creatures are so sought after that they have been put on the CITES list of protected species and international commerce is restricted and watched closely. Some people have gone as far as releasing red rumps into the wild in South Florida to provide a year around hunting ground.

Who keeps tarantulas as pets?

When people think of pet tarantulas the image that comes to mind is Wednesday from the Adams Family with her creepy crawly little friend. The truth is that many people from all walks of life have found enjoyment in keeping, raising, breeding and selling Tarantulas as pets. One of the biggest surprises I have had at the European Reptile Shows is the sheer number of vendors that sell nothing but bugs. Almost a third of the crowd is there to buy or sell tarantulas. Some of the modern day Indiana Jones types will travel to the central and South American wilderness to find new species and bring them back to make the next great pet tarantula.

Where can I find a tarantula for sale online?

At xyzReptiles we have a fledgling Tarantula category that will be growing in the coming weeks and months. We have teamed up with some of the great suppliers in Europe to get the harder to find tarantulas imported legally into the United States and will be advertising them for sale to the public. Remember that a pet tarantula is a doorway into a very select group of pets that is rewarding and for many a way to overcome some fears and discover something new. If you are a breeder and have a surplus or an enthusiast looking for a tarantula for sale online please don’t hesitate to reach us as we are always looking for new pet tarantulas.

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