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Arachnids for Sale

We carry a broad range of arachnids for sale from slings all the way up to adults ready to breed. We offer our customers same day Fast Shipping and Our Live Arrival Guarantee. Although Tarantulas are not for everyone we try to cater to our customers needs with an ever-growing selection of quality animals that are colorful and healthy. Note: that the descriptions of the animals will denote whether or not they are a handle able species and if they should be handled with caution or not.

Showing all 6 results

Showing all 6 results

Buy Arachnids Online

We have contacts in Europe that enable us to offer animals not available and never before seen in the United States. Arachnids are a growing segment of the exotic pet industry and offer a glimpse into a very unique pet keeping experience. When you are ready to buy arachnids online consider us as your source for quality specimens. Our site offers a safe secure shopping experience.