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It’s the time of year to find baby ball pythons for sale

baby ball pythons

Every summer the ball python season opens on April 14th with the first shipment of baby ball pythons arriving from Africa and this year is no exception. Almost like clockwork the shipments from Ghana, Togo and Benin start to first trickle in and then the flood gates open up with thousands of babies being imported on a weekly basis. That is why this is the perfect time of year to start looking for baby ball pythons for sale.

The perfect baby ball python

The perfect baby ball python can mean different things to different people. Some will focus on size and feeding status while others may be intent on the sex of the animal or the pattern or color. We feel that it is of utmost importance to get an animal that has been established as a regular feeder and if it is eating frozen thawed food items off of tongs then you cannot go wrong especially if this is your first snake or reptile purchase. With the proper setup and maintenance baby ball pythons can live in captivity for over 40 years and that makes them a pet you can hand down to your kids .

Baby Ball Python morphs

If a normal wildtype brown and black snake is not what you had in mind then baby ball python morphs are what you should look into. Although some morphs are regularly imported from breeders in Africa, the vast majority of what is considered as morphs is captive bred pattern and color mutations and combos from breeders across the US and the world. These can be a highly diverse group of animals ranging from the white and orange albino to the white and patchy patterned pied and the solid white blue eyed leucistic. There are thousands of possible mutation combinations and you will need to spend some time looking at the variety available on the market.

Finding the perfect pet ball python

If the color and pattern matters to you or just the fact that you are getting a long lived pet python then you should take a few minutes to consider which animal will be the perfect pet ball python for you. At xyzReptiles we have taken the time to categorize our vast inventory of over 135 different mutations into groups that separate them by genetic variations. We have also provided care sheets that will help you understand the natural history of this snake as well as what is involved in housing, breeding and trouble-shooting your new pet. We have the incubators running and starting to fill up with the 2016 production and hope to keep you in the loop with our “in the incubator” blog page.


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