Armadillidium peraccae Isopods

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  • Scientific Name: Armadillidium peraccae
  • Origin: Greece and Italy
  • Adult Size: .70 inches
  • Reproduction Rate: Fast
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Our Armadillidium peraccae isopods for sale make great clean-up crews and will make easy work cleaning up any reptile habitats and enclosures they encounter. Armadillidium peraccae are a smaller species in the Armadillidium family. Native to Greece, these isopods are very prolific and breed all year round! Armadillidium peraccae isopods have a bumpy look and sometimes a bluish tint in the right light.

Our Armadillidium peraccae isopods for sale do well in most environments. They breed very fast and have large ‪broods, so you’ll have your hands full of bugs in no time! You can learn more about isopod care on our blog if you are new to isopod pets.

Whether you are looking for isopods for sale as pets or more interested in adding them to your favorite reptile habitat to aid in the clean up the little critters are perfect. They are safe to add to any hard body reptile enclosure as they will not harm or affect the behavior of the animal in anyway.

Isopod pets also will not bite or harm you and are an essential element for bioactive environments. Our Armadillidium peraccae isopods for sale are currently available in 10 count cups.

Note: The majority will be adults with mixed sizes included.

We recommend the following quantities for Armadillidium peraccae isopod cleanup crews

  • 10-gallon habitat 30
  • 20-gallon habtit 30-60
  • 30-40 gallon habitat 60-90
  • 75 gallon habitat and up 100 plus

1 review

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    XYZReptiles! So far batting 100!
    These little guys arrived safe and sound. But why wouldn’t they? I have never had any issues purchasing from XYZReptiles!

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