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Species: Python regius  Sex: Unsexed Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410211Categories:
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Each Mojave ball python for sale has the genetics needed to aid it in producing the highly sought after blue eyed lucy. If you are interested making a lucy, check out our article, Making the White Blue Eyed Lucy Snake at Home. Our baby Mojave ball pythons for sale are proven feeders. They receive the best care possible by our loving staff to ensure that you get a healthy snake.

80 reviews

  1. ehmetbrandy (verified owner)

    She is so gentle and healthy. She has adjusted so well. I’m so in love with her. She seems very happy.

  2. brixkz (verified owner)

    Received my baby Mojave and I couldn’t be happier! XYZReptiles was very responsive to my needs and the have great communication! I definitely will buy from them again.

  3. cworks7266 (verified owner)

    Great little fellow, vary active!

  4. cworks7266 (verified owner)

    This little guy was a gift to my son who fell in love as soon as he saw him. Very good staff and very helpful!

  5. Breanna Libby (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with my Mojave girl. Not only did she arrive on time but she was also in perfect condition. I work at a vets office and brought her in to have her checked over. Everyone there, even the ones that are petrified of snakes thought she was nice looking to the point they thought she was fake because (their words) there is no way something that nice is possible. A few wanted to know where I got her and I proudly told them and highly recommended xyzreptiles if they ever want one. I can’t wait to buy another ball python from these guys again. I just can’t decide what morph I want next.

  6. jdstrac (verified owner)

    Came on time and in great condition. Definitely going to purchase more from xyzreptiles again. Thank you for the great Mojave!

  7. James Marks (verified owner)

    Great pattern and temperament. However, he has a slight head wobble which concerns me but he may just be weak from traveling. This is my first snake and I don’t think I could have gotten a better one.

  8. katherineclark1072 (verified owner)

    Love my Mojave. He is absolutely perfect. He arrived safe and has the best temperament!

  9. Eddie Fiese (verified owner)

    I bought a baby Mojave Ball Python and he was alive and healthy. His colors are amazing and he is adapting really well to his new home! Thank you soooooo much Xyzreptiles! I will be ordering a female soon!

  10. Priscilia Susantio (verified owner)

    First time ordering from them and I’m very pleased. I received my mojave ball python in a couple days, packed securely and safely. She’s beautiful and healthy out of the box. I also appreciate that she came with a card with all her info such as the date she was born and her feeding instructions. I will purchase more in the future. Thank you.

  11. Bradley Boston (verified owner)

    I was super happy with both my purchase and the service. I received my ball python in just a couple of days and it’s very healthy looking. I would definitely order from xyz again and recommend them. Along with that I had questions about taking care of Cecil and I was able by phone to get all my questions answered. Thank you again

  12. Jesse Burnell (verified owner)

    He arrived on time, was packaged well, and was quite lively when he arrived. Only issue is he seems to be underweight, spine is prominent. Nothing a feeding or two won’t fix.

    • XYZReptiles

      Dear Jesse, reptiles can lose up to 20% of their body weight from dehydration during shipping. A simple soak after arrival will alleviate the issue and do wonders for the way the snake looks. Best of luck with your new pet and let us know if there is anything else you may need.

  13. Michael haines (verified owner)

    Arrived very active. Everything was on time; FedEx even showed up 2 hrs early. Beautiful Mojave very pleased.

  14. Jamie Ward (verified owner)

    She’s perfect! Everything I wanted. Came on time-healthy, active.

  15. Terry Deal (verified owner)

    I have received 3 snakes from xyz and all of them look way better than in the pictures. All are healthy as a can be. You don’t have to be a major breeder for these guys to be able to take care of your needs. Thanks guys, I will definitely be getting into more projects from xyzreptiles.

  16. blakefellow13 (verified owner)

    Came on time, is healthy and active.

  17. michael.chester1969 (verified owner)

    I was more than pleased with my baby girl “MaryJane”, hatched 4/20. I am so looking forward to more purchases from XYZ and many happy years with our new baby girl. Thanks so much. Outstanding shipping and all. Class act!!

  18. Braxton Hunt (verified owner)

    My snake came on time and was packaged very well. The only thing is that she does look a tiny bit under weight but nothing a meal or two won’t fix. Costumer service was also super good, they responded to every email I had.

  19. Elois Domenech (verified owner)

    I like that it came in early and my kids love their new pet snake

  20. tmckinnies77 (verified owner)

    I am so happy I received her Tuesday morning. Shipping was fine, prompt and fast as you say. she was packaged well, I unwrapped her like a present and fell in love and the whole family did as well. Her name is Eva, she is the second ball I have. The first from xyz but looking forward to getting a Male. Thank you guys!!!!!!!

  21. Miguel Hernandez Huerta (verified owner)

    Arrived nice and early. Very active and a little feisty! But now very docile and calm. Excited and like the quality of these reptiles. This is my third purchase from XYZ and more to come. Thank you!

  22. simplysyran (verified owner)

    I was so impressed by my experience with XYZReptiles. My new mojave arrived just as promised and was active and curious right out of the box. Also, I was missing an item and when I called them they promised a replacement and within minutes after hanging up I had shipping confirmation with tracking information. Excellent excellent customer service.

  23. Abigail Greene (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Keep me informed on where she was the whole time. Beautiful snake in PERFECT condition. Very gentle even after being with me for only one day!

  24. ralphhaynes385 (verified owner)

    Looks just like the picture! The snake is everything I paid for. When I get more snakes and other reptiles I will be using xyzreptiles. Thanks for the great work.

  25. Jesus Hernandez (verified owner)

    Arrived well. GREAT customer service. Would recommend to anyone! 🙂

  26. Andy Drumm (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Our snake arrived warm and appears healthy. My daughter loves it. If I choose to buy any more reptiles, I will certainly choose XYZ!

  27. Andy Drumm (verified owner)

    We received our second baby ball from XYZ today . He arrived warm and appears healthy . My daughter is in love with him already. Definitely will order from XYZ again if we want another.

  28. Shaina South (verified owner)

    Our little Mojave is absolutely gorgeous we love him so much. He appears super healthy and he’s very friendly.

  29. Landon Renz (verified owner)

    Arrived on time. A very healthy and beautiful snake that has adjusted to his new home well and quickly. Very happy with this purchase and look forward to more in the future

  30. Tracee Wilson

    Omg I fell in love with my Baby Banana Ball Python! I have named him Goldie he’s so sweet so healthy and strong!! You have definitely made me a returning customer! He was delivered right on time like you said and I called with questions over the phone before and after he arrived and I was helped greatly thank you!

  31. Sadiq Evans (verified owner)

    Man listen here, before this review I emailed xyzreptiles directly and told them how great of a pet my two boys just got. They love him! It’s only been a few days since I had him. We love him already we named him twist… great product

  32. Rachel Giles (verified owner)

    The Female Mojave Ball Python is so Beautiful! Arrived perfect she is very active and eats well! I highly recommend this company!! My family uses this company and will continue to use! We now have ordered 4 total and have not been disappointed! 10 stars!!!

  33. Daniel Kessel (verified owner)

    Def buying from them again just waiting on some more funds all there snakes have been great.

  34. Hiram Rios (verified owner)

    Got my baby Mojave today and I’m very with her. She is very alert and appears to be in good health… this was my first time ordering online and I will definitely be ordering again… and great customer service as well. Over all 5 stars all the way around…

  35. Angel Jones (verified owner)

    I love xyz. I love shopping from here and the shipping process was fast.

  36. beccablackheart (verified owner)

    My female Mojave is beautiful, friendly and settled in well. Could not ask for more. Very pleased with my purchase.

  37. westernlady1124 (verified owner)

    BEAUTIFUL little girl! She arrived quickly, healthy and very friendly ?. She was so alert and just curious about everything. Looking forward to buying another baby from XYZ ?

  38. Brenda Meadows (verified owner)

    I have had my mojave boy for a little over a month now! He is wonderful! He arrived in excellent condition, love that all info was provided on a card as I like to keep a info sheet on all of my snakes! I couldn’t be more pleased with xyzReptiles!

  39. Carlee Ferrell (verified owner)

    My Mojave Male arrived 3 days ago, and he is an absolute delight! He was very curious, and immediately checked out his entire tank. He was package well, and warm. I’d give 10 stars if I could, and will definitely be ordering again!

  40. derrickjurado (verified owner)

    This is my first ball python snake. I got a baby Mojave and love the color. I am very happy with my purchase from XYZreptiles. My new snake is active and healthy. Thank you XYZ. This breeder has many to choose from which made it difficult to decide which one to buy. I may need to buy another. I had a couple of questions and they responded quickly. Great customer service.

  41. Leo Brooks (verified owner)

    I received my baby mojave ball python the other day and I love her as if she has always been here. She’s very active, nice, playful, very healthy and absolutely beautiful. I definitely would recommend any and everyone to order from XYZ reptiles. There’s no hassle, and if a problem arises they are on top of it to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. I definitely will be contacting them for all my reptile needs no matter what it is.

    Lifelong customer for sure. ??

  42. chronos78 (verified owner)

    Order this girl on Sunday and she was delivered at 8:50 am this morning in great shape and very beautiful. She was very calm, alert and curious. My daughter is already in love. Great addition to the family.

  43. spazeous (verified owner)

    I have ordered two mojaves now from xyz and they have both been very pretty with docile, inquisitive dispositions, I love them. They also come with a card with their birthdate and their feeding schedule on them, and customer service has always been super helpful. Will be ordering again.

  44. stevenevanoff (verified owner)

    My baby Mojave has beautiful coloration and a wonderful temperament. You can tell that from a hatchling she has been very well taken care of! XYZ kept me up to date on the shipping and well informed on when I would likely receive my baby girl due to cold weather in my area. To any snake enthusiast like myself, I would recommend XYZ to anyone looking to get a baby ball. I can’t wait to order my next one!

  45. mahalanalu (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with my Mojave. She shipped quickly and showed up Tuesday morning with a card stating her D.O.B. and what she’s eating and when. She ate great for her first feeding and has been quite gentle while being handled. She looks beautiful and I was amazed when I realized she was about to shed. Overall I am extremely pleased with my new Mojave and look forward to many many more years to come with her.

  46. jarrodp30 (verified owner)

    It took a few weeks for xyz to ship my Mojave due to cold weather in my area but they kept me updated on what was happening. When it finally came in it was a very beautiful snake. It is very active and healthy and I couldn’t be happier.

  47. williamsv908 (verified owner)

    My male ball python that I ordered from this site was the most docile and sweetest snake I’ve ever owned. He’s never snapped at me or had a aggressive attitude towards me. When I bought him they had him on live mice and it was so easy to transition him to frozen thawed mice. He is a very consistent eater too. I’m going on four weeks since he has been with me and couldn’t have asked for a better snake?

  48. divedancegrl (verified owner)

    My Mojave is a real sweetheart and really beautiful. I was concerned about the idea of a reptile being shipped to me, but everything worked out just fine, and the owners were very kind about putting my mind at ease by explaining all of the things I had questions about beforehand.

  49. johnbecerra30 (verified owner)

    I got my male Mohave very fast. He is very beautiful and healthy. I’m definitely ordering again ?

  50. Michael Murphy (verified owner)

    Received my baby Mojave on Thursday. She was super friendly but was in shed. Was already looking forward to meet the rest of her friends. She seems very happy now in her new home. Can’t wait to see what happens in the future. Thanks, everyone here again.

  51. emersonvaquerano (verified owner)

    My beautiful baby Mojave came in healthy, active and vibrant Thursday morning, and she’s beautiful! She hasn’t eaten yet (as of Saturday), but that’s to be expected. Shipping was also very fast and reliable. Thank you so much XYZReptiles!

  52. iphone4smith (verified owner)

    Got this beautiful female Mojave Tuesday she arrived on time ! Great packaging she even had a cool pack with her due to the warm weather we have been having here on the east coast. Very healthy female! Will be doing more shopping with you guys! Thanks a lot for a great first time purchase! ??

  53. crimsonkennels (verified owner)

    Not only was she here on time and absolutely beautiful, but the team at XYZ were available by phone and extremely helpful through every single step of my order from the ordering process down to the shipping. I will definitely be doing tons of business here!!

  54. Shyanne Webb (verified owner)

    We purchased the female ball python for my 16 year old daughter who has wanted a the snake ever since we stopped rescuing reptiles and amphibians. When she came in she looked absolutely healthy and she is very beautiful. Her packaging was perfect and what I would expect from a place that cares. Her 1st feeding went well and my daughter is very happy. Thank you XYZReptiles.

  55. hannah calby (verified owner)

    I am a first time ball python owner and i am so happy i decided to purchase from XYZreptiles. My male ball python, which i named Rico, was still warm when i opened the box. He was very curious and healthy. Although his colors are wonderful they don’t exactly quite match the ones that are provided on the website, but still and great purchase. Will buy from here again!

  56. Michael Crothers (verified owner)

    Very sweet little female, she was cold when she arrived, but after she warmed up became very friendly. One day later and she is already used to being handled. I will be ordering from XYZ again!

  57. JESSEN WHITE (verified owner)

    My little Mojave is warming up well! Arrived ALIVE and ON TIME as promised. However, I rate 4 stars because I thought I was getting a darker Mojave (due to the picture) and I got a lighter Mojave minus the prominent blacks. Overall still a pretty snake, the wife loves him!

  58. Sarah Santilli (verified owner)

    I received my baby Mojave just last week and he is absolutely amazing. He is healthy and active and loves his new home and he is very tame! XYZ sent him out on Wednesday and I got him Thursday morning around 9:30am and I’m very impressed with the service. Thank you so much for everything!

  59. imapwerrngr (verified owner)

    Great shipping. Came right on time. great customer service. Didnt look how i thought it would. But still love it!

  60. dmpoole723

    I purchased a baby male Mojave for my daughter as an early Christmas gift. Omgosh! She is completely in love with this little guy!! He has been hanging out with my daughter ever since he arrived. I was concerned about him being stressed but he’s been wonderful! He has a very relaxed temperment and very beautiful coloring! Now I want one!! Will definitely be purchasing again!! 🙂

  61. Daizy Segovia (verified owner)

    My uncle bought me a ball python for my late birthday but I done a lot of research for so long. It took aleast a week to get everything in line because shipping was to a different address & a that. The day I received him I was looking for a card that all his information & I checked again & there was no card but the snake him self was healthy & he just wanted to explore when I took him out of the bag. He is very nice & cute. Definitely want to order another snake

  62. Jessica Salazar (verified owner)

    Baby Mojave Ball Python came in! She looks super nice and so far everything is going great!

  63. Coley Armijo (verified owner)

    I’ve had my male baby Mojave ball python for almost a week. His colors are amazing, and he’s eaten already. Shipping was right on time. I am very pleased with my python and look forward to my next purchase from xyzreptiles.

  64. dylancbarclay (verified owner)

    We love our little guy. Super sweet right of the box. Super Healthy and friendly. Gonna feed him today. Also his colors are beautiful.

  65. clinton mccoy (verified owner)

    First time snake owner was little worried about ordering online but it was very easy. Ordered a male Mojave ball python at 830 Monday morning he arrived exactly 1040 Tuesday morning just like the tracking system said. Hes beautiful. My family and I are very pleased, will definitely order from xyz in the future.

  66. rednutellacat (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my order. My snake came on time and very healthy. He came out of the packaging friendly and outgoing. He is very beautiful and I recomend this snake to everyone that may be interested. I’m very happy with my purchase and will be buying from here again

  67. Brandon Kastor (verified owner)

    I ordered an amazing little guy. He’s so cute and been exploring his terrarium hasn’t been scared one bit. He’s really healthy. I can’t wait to order another. This company has been so helpful and fast with responding to any questions I had. I’m referring as many people as I can. Thank you!!!

  68. kate.laney89 (verified owner)

    Perfect Mojave, tame yet active hatchling. Good body composition. Would recommend this site and company to others for snake purchases.

  69. kaolson277 (verified owner)

    I ordered a baby mojave ball python last week and he arrived very active and healthy. He’s very pretty and I’m really happy with how tame he is. XYZreptiles answered me right away when I messaged them with questions on Facebook, and I’m super happy with both the customer service and my ball python! This was my first purchase from XYZreptiles and I would definitely buy from them again. Thanks XYZreptiles!

  70. Jessica Johnson (verified owner)

    Received our babygirl the other day. She was active, curious and beautiful right out of the bag. My wife and I are completely in love. Will definitely be purchasing all future snakes from xyz.

  71. john.polinko (verified owner)

    I received my healthy baby mojave two days ago. The process was very easy when ordering and I will be praising XYZ reptiles for years while enjoying her.

  72. April (verified owner)

    Just received my female Mojave baby. She is a very beautiful snake, docile and active. I was skeptical at first purchasing online however I will be making purchases in the future from xyz reptiles. The snake was well packaged to ensure safe shipping of the animal and I was able to track where my baby was during 5 the entire time.Thank you xyz for such a gorgeous pet that is very healthy.

  73. yerlinsan (verified owner)

    First off amazing packaging, it came the next day at 10am, Heat pad was still warm and stayed warm even throughout the day after! The Mojave’s colors really stand out. She was calm didn’t mind being handled the moment I took her out of the package, amazing Mojave and I’ll definitely buy another morph from xyz soon!

  74. allinewsom1997 (verified owner)

    We ordered two snakes from XYZ and they arrived the day they said they would, completely healthy and active. Our Mojave girl is the more social of the two, not afraid of us at all and my husband is already in love with her! She has beautiful colors to match her beautiful personality.

  75. zdillon10 (verified owner)

    Our Mohave ball python arrived safe and warm. Currently she’s still adjusting to her new home and tomorrow we’ll feed her. We’re very happy with our purchase.

  76. Austin Turman

    We received our beautiful baby on the day we were told (we ordered her Sunday night and received her at 8AM Tuesday morning). She was packaged very carefully and handled carefully .When we opened the box she was absolutely beautiful and very curious as to what was going on around her. Extremely satisfied with our purchase!!

  77. joseph.a.planer (verified owner)

    My baby Mojave has been here 3 days now and she is beautiful to say the least. I fed her yesterday and she’s taking to her new home well. The service I received was awesome! All my questions were answered and in a very timely manner. I really appreciate the service. I will definitely recommend XYZREPTILES to anyone looking for a snake. I’m definitely coming back her for my next one. Thanks!

  78. Edward J (verified owner)

    Baby Mojave Ball Python arrived the other day. Arrived extremely healthy and active. He didn’t have any problems being handled. At first I was in awe of his coloration then realized he’s in shed. If he looks this amazing in shed I can only imagine his beauty once his shed is complete. Thank you XYZReptiles, you have a new returning customer.

  79. christii.trey (verified owner)

    I love my Baby Mojave Python! When he arrived, we instantly connected! He was very beautiful, super nice & very, very playful. I definitely, and highly recommend this site to buy your reptiles! Not only are the animals nice, but the owners are as well, they were SUPER helpful when I needed answers. Thank you so much XYZreptiles, you gave me a forever friend to love!

  80. tabby.dawn.17 (verified owner)

    Received my baby mojave and I was very satisfied with the color and attitude of this snake! Very healthy and active. Thanks a bunch XYZreptiles on this beautiful baby I got!

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