Dairy Cow Isopods

(16 Customer Reviews)


  • Scientific Name: Porcellio laevis
  • Common Name: Diary Cow
  • Origin: Europe
  • Adult Size: .90 inches
  • Reproduction Rate: Fast
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Our Dairy Cow isopods for sale make great cleanup crews. They will make quick work cleaning up pet habitats they are added to. Dairy cow isopods grow bigger than most other common isopods. With their random black and white splotches, they may look like Dalmatians, but they will get double the size. Dairy cows are just that, cows!

They require a larger supply of leaf litter and protein than the normal isopod care. They are easy to keep and are very prolific breeders. Dairies can be very active and fun to watch. They have large broods and breed fast!

Whether you are looking for your next pet or shopping for a cleanup crew, these Dairy Cows will not disappoint. They are safe to add to any hard body reptile enclosure as they will not harm or affect the behavior of the animal in anyway. Isopod pets also will not bite or harm you and are an essential element for bioactive environments.

Our Dairy Cow isopods for sale are available in 10, 25 and 50 count cups. Note: The majority will be adults with mixed sizes included. You may also want to check out some of our other isopod morphs.

We recommend the following quantities for Dairy Cow isopod cleanup crews

  • 10-gallon habitat 10-25
  • 20-gallon habitat 25-50
  • 30-to-40-gallon habitat 50-75
  • 75-gallon habitat and up 100 plus

16 reviews

  1. yvonne.chaisson (verified owner)

    Awesome place to order. They called me the day I ordered to let me know that I would be receiving them the next day and all were live. Thank you

  2. Monica Theriault (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my order! I actually received 11 or 12. It was hard to count once I put them in the tank, but all of them seemed very alert and healthy. Beautifully marked just like the stock picture! I will definitely be adding more.

  3. Alyssa Stark (verified owner)

    So excited for these new additions, they all arrived in great condition!

  4. Abigail Altman (verified owner)

    They shipped and arrived very fast. All of them arrived alive and I really liked that live insects was written on the package so that the carrier knew how to handle it.

  5. lkdnichols99 (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, animals in good condition. Dairy cows were very active on arrival!

  6. tyesmomma09 (verified owner)

    They are so cute. I love them. They all arrived alive. Thank you

  7. Daysha Matthews (verified owner)

    They arrived healthy and active. The timing of the package arriving was spot on the day it was suppose to arrive, quick and swift might I add. It was great ordering these cute little bugs from xyz and I’m definitely going to order from you guys again! Thank you!

  8. Casey Merhige (verified owner)

    These little tanks are so cute and awesome. Arrived alive and well, packaged nicely and are getting acclimated to their new vivarium home. Thank you!!

  9. Holli Tate (verified owner)

    These guys are amazing they are already set up and I believe they have already had babies since they got here last week! It’s supper exciting for the kids to see.

  10. Peter Files (verified owner)

    Arrived alive. Well packaged. Dissapeared quickly into my 40 gallon breeder tank.

  11. Leslie MacGregor (verified owner)

    The Dairy Cow isopods arrived in 2 days in perfect conditions. Most were adults, and some very large. they are really active and inquisitive, right out of the container. There were more included than I had ordered. They started feeding immediately on the freezedried peas I purchased (highly recommended!). In all, I could not be happier with this purchase. will buy again as soon as the others on my wish list are in stock. Great store!

  12. Michael Hebert (verified owner)

    The Dairy Cows arrived well packaged and alive.

  13. matthewlouisclark (verified owner)

    They all arrived in time and alive but I would have appreciated more adults as apposed to juveniles.

  14. Brandi Wright (verified owner)

    Arrived alive. Very nicely packaged and they were active. Would have preferred a few more larger adults but babies will grow to adults! Will order more in the future!

  15. Joey Justa (verified owner)

    Nice large isopods. Would recommend.

  16. westernlady1124 (verified owner)

    My cows arrived perfectly ? They are very active, healthy and adorable! Definitely ordering more!

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