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Species: Heterodon nasicus  Length: Approximately 7-9 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4405Categories:
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All of our superconda hognose snakes for sale are captive bred and healthy animals. Baby superconda hognose snakes are the result of breeding two anaconda hognose together. They also occur in an albino morph and are an easy to care for animal. Hognose snakes are sexually dimorphic with the females getting up to an impressive 24 inches while the males tend to be smaller. All of our captive bred hognose snakes are feeding on a diet of frozen-thawed pinky mice. Feel free to check out our hognose snake section for some other exciting mutations.

Superconda Hongnose Care

Superconda hognose care is easy and economical. This exciting snake species lives in an arid environment so a dry and warm setup is a must. They prefer to burrow into the substrate and love hiding underneath objects in their terrarium. For easy cage setup we recommend our snake kit. Use aspen or coconut chips as bedding. Use a small heat pad and a small shallow water bowl and hide combo for best results. Finally feeding frozen thawed pinky and fuzzy mice are always recommended. Because this species has a high metabolism you need to feed them every 4-5 days.

3 reviews

  1. Nicole St Germaine (verified owner)

    My hognose arrived healthy and gorgeous! Always a great buying experience at XYZ – this is the 7th snake I have bought from them!

  2. casiejay1 (verified owner)

    I’ve never ordered a snake online in my life so I was super unsure about it but wow am I impressed! This company did a great job shipping when they said they were going to, they even went the extra length and gave me exactly what I asked for in the comments section. Which I appreciate so much. My snake is beautiful and very friendly, he’s healthy and doing well. Thank you so much xyz. I will definitely be recommending and using you all again!

  3. Brooke VanDerzee (verified owner)

    So nervous ordering a snake by mail for the first time but this was such a wonderful experience. He arrived so quickly, was well packaged and is healthy, alert and getting to know his new home! He even came with a nice care card! Thank you for our wonderful healthy snake!

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