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The Red Footed Tortoise As A Pet

When looking for a pet tortoise for sale you should know that one of the most colorful and friendliest is the red footed tortoise. They also happen to be one of the most affordable and easiest to keep. This amazing creature hails from South America. Lets have a look into its history, its habitat and the reasons why it makes a great tortoise Pet.

History Of The Red Footed Tortoise

Red footed tortoises (chelonoidis carbonaria) are found throughout the Amazon Basin countries of South America. Their natural habitat is semi forested areas that encompasses several countries. These include Panama, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia. They are also found on a few Caribbean Islands. Those populations may have been introduced by humans and cannot be verified with certainty. They are closely related to the yellow tooted tortoise that inhabits some of the very same areas.

Description Of The Red Footed Tortoise

These medium sized tortoises are born at an average size of two inches in length but can grow to an adult size of eighteen inches and sometimes all the way up to twenty four inches long. Adult size normally depends on the areas the particular tortoises come from and the smaller of the samples are normally the cherry head tortoise. Hatchlings are a brightly colored tan to yellow or light orange with darker scute edges. They all have some degree of red coloration on their legs and head which gives them their common name but as the animals mature their shells become darker as their red scales get brighter.

Why Do Red Foots Make Great Pets

A couple of the reasons why red foots are great pet tortoises starts with them being one of the most attractive tortoises for sale in the reptile market. Aside from their bright colorations they also have a curios and fearless disposition as well as a manageable adult size which makes them an easy animal to have by themselves, in groups or with other non-reptile pets. Finally their varied diet of vegetation, fruit, protein and tortoise chow makes it easy for them to be cared for in any household.

Red Footed Tortoises for Sale

Finding captive born and healthy hatchling red footed tortoises for sale is easy to do. They are born in almost any month of the year and once established they are almost indestructible. At XYZReptiles we have a large number of quality baby red footed tortoises at a very affordable price. We are always available to help you figure out the perfect setup for your new tortoise pet. So, don’t hesitate to write or call us at any time for advice.

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