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Jose Toribio
caldendar iconJanuary 10, 2019

Excellent condition, beautiful and healthy snake. The customer services is the best. Thank you for you help.

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XYZ Reptiles is Excellent!! Before trying xyz reptiles, I attempted to order via another business in order save a couple of bucks (free shipping if I wait 30 days). The experience was awful - their customer service sub-par. I don't think the organization had an iota of emotional equity in either their animals or customers. I ordered our new member of our family (Red Tail Boa) online, through XYZ Reptiles. I can't speak for their customer service beyond their email system; I didn't have to engage it. All of their "form" communicates were accurate and timely. What stood out for me (prompting me to leave a review) were three numbers handwritten on the invoice. I'm assuming they were temperatures in Silver City, NM. This led me to believe that XYZ Reptiles would NOT send an animal through overnight delivery if temperatures were unsafe for animal travel. They care about the well being of their animals. We received our beautiful boa in a healthy and alert condition. NO ISSUES!!

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Stacey Neave
caldendar iconJanuary 10, 2019

Every single worm arrived alive and on time and much larger than I expected. Excellent service. My leopard gecko couldn’t be happier.

(3 Customer Reviews)
Shea Jackson
caldendar iconJanuary 08, 2019

Quick delivery and wonderful service, cared about temp and timing of delivery. Thank you so much! She's also very friendly for just coming out of her box!

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King Snakes for Sale

King snakes are a large and varied family of constrictor snakes. They are known for their exotic colors and patterns and are kept by both beginners and advanced herpers alike. Buyers that are looking for King snakes for sale will find a large selection of captive born babies and larger animals all the way up to adult breeders here at xyzReptiles. We work with a select group of breeders to bring you healthy and genetically sound animals from across the United States and Europe.

Buy King Snakes Online

Shoppers looking to buy king snakes online will find that our animals are always well started and in perfect health. King snakes have a high metabolism and regular feedings are a must in order to keep the animals in proper shape. King snakes are also cannibalistic therefore they should always be kept in their own segregated environment. Having a pet king snake is a rewarding and educational experience that we recommend for any starter reptile enthusiast.