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Get the best isopods for sale with fast shipping at xyzReptiles. We have several types of pet isopods for sale to choose from. Isopod pets can also be known, as a roly poly or pill bug and can be used to aid in keeping reptile bedding clean. Add them to your reptile pets environment and they will help keep it clean and looking good. Get an isopod pet and see for yourself how our different types of isopods help provide a clean and healthy environment ensuring you have a happy and healthy reptile pet. These little critters have been popular in Europe for decades and are really taking off here in the United States with their ever-growing popularity. With so many pet isopod options now available it is easy to see why.
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Verified Customer Reviews

I’ve purchased Isopods from XYZ several times, and each time the package has been on time or earlier, and I get more Isopods than the count says. Highly recommend! The Isopods are in substrate, which I like because it makes transfer into a larger c... Read more

They all came in healthy looking and active! All of varying sizes from tiny to I assume a medium size, they crawled over everything I was putting into the tank with them, at first. I just hope they all survived the ordeal of tank set up when I put in... Read more

Jessica Roesinger
caldendar iconMarch 15, 2020

My isopods love these! I sprinkled some in the tank and by the next day they'd munched through them.... Read more

Great deal on killer isopods. Fast shipping too. Couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks.... Read more


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