How To Keep Pet Tortoises For Sale Safe And Healthy

December 2nd, 2018 by

Pet tortoises for sale can live long, healthy lives if they are properly cared for. Because tortoises aren’t traditional pets like cats and dogs, many find them a bit more complicated to own. However, they are reasonable easy to care for, making them great pets for the whole family! Knowing how to keep pet tortoises for sale safe and healthy will make you a more confident owner.

Tortoises thrive when they can get sunshine and fresh air, so it’s important to give them a well ventilated cage and proper lighting when kept indoors. Their enclosure should closely resemble the natural environment of the species of tortoise you own. They’ll also require a shelter or hide-box at the cooler end of the enclosure and a basking area to allow them to regulate their body temperature. Also, tortoises have a varied diet of grasses, vegetables and fruits, and require diversity in their diet. Depending on the species, you may feed them some protein as well.

How To Care For A Pet Baby Tortoise For Sale

A pet baby tortoise will need to be kept indoors for the time being in the right housing. For desert tortoises, the enclosure needs to be dry and warm, while a tropical species needs a warm and humid environment. You’ll need a basking light for heat and plenty roaming room in its home. Feeding a pet baby tortoise for sale depends on their species, but all will need calcium supplements with every other meal, as well as vitamin D3.

Buy Tortoises Online

Caring for pet tortoises for sale is fairly easy and straightforward. If you feel you’re up to the task, you can buy tortoises online from reputable stores. Chances are, your neighborhood pet store won’t have a large variety of tortoises for sale. You can save time and look for the right pet tortoise for sale online. It’s more convenient and easier, allowing you to browse for your new pet from the comforts of your own home.

Other Reptiles Pets Worth Owning

If you’re not sure you can properly care for pet tortoises for sale, you should consider other interesting pet reptiles instead! Many owners find that lizards are the easiest reptile pets to have. Depending on the species, they are quite small and are easy to handle and care for. But if you’re adventurous, other reptile pets you might like include boas and python snakes. Reptile pets are becoming popular choices for many since they’re fun, low maintenance and exotic, making them appealing to those who something other than traditional pet animals.

What Are Some Differences Between Turtles And Tortoises For Sale?

November 1st, 2018 by

Many people think that turtles and tortoises for sale are one in the same. Both feature shells on their backs, but there are several differences between these two reptiles. In fact, tortoises are turtles, yet not all turtles are tortoises! Yes, it’s confusing, but we’re are here to help you understand the differences between the two so that you can decide if you’d like to purchase tortoises for sale as pets. It’s important to know the difference between these shelled reptiles to decide which pet is best for you.

Turtles have thinner shells that are more water-dynamic, while tortoises have more rounded, heavy and domed shells. You’ll also notice that tortoises have “elephantine” hind legs and club-like forelegs. Their thicker hind legs allow them to move around, carrying extra weight since they’re usually heavier and larger than turtles. But the biggest difference between these two shelled reptiles is that tortoises spend most of their time on land, while turtles mainly live in water.

Looking For A Baby Tortoise For Sale?

You might be interested in buying tortoises for sale now that you know the differences between the two. While you can buy an adult, it’s better to purchase a baby tortoise for sale. You’ll be able to raise it from a baby and watch it fully mature and grow into an adult. Raising a baby tortoise can be very fulfilling since they make great reptile pets! Purchasing a baby tortoise for sale allows you become attached to your new reptile pet from infancy to adulthood.

Buy From An Online Reptile Store

A great place to buy a baby tortoise for sale is from an online reptile store. Save yourself the trip to a bunch of local pet stores and visit an online reptile store from the comforts of your own home. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of baby tortoises, including an Indian Star tortoise for sale. The Indian Star tortoise is a small dark colored reptile, with a bright yellow pattern on its shell. They can grow up to 10” long and weigh as much as 5 pounds. They are gentle creatures and make excellent reptile pets!

Buy Tortoises Online From xyzReptiles

If you’ve made up your mind to own a tortoise, it’s best if you purchase from a reputable seller. Buy tortoises online from xyzReptiles and you won’t be sorry you did! All our reptiles for sale are healthy and captive bred and born specimens. Our love for the animals and an eye for detail allow us to provide customers with a great reptile buying experience.

How To Properly Care For Tortoises For Sale

September 18th, 2018 by

Before you pull the trigger and start looking for tortoises for sale online, you’ll need to educate yourself on how to care for them. The last thing you want to do is purchase a tortoise online only to find out you can’t properly care for it. For the most part, the majority of tortoises for sale online require the same kind of care. Knowing what to expect when it comes to caring for your tortoise will help you make an informed decision about buying one as a pet. Here are some things to know before you buy a pet tortoises.

A grown adult tortoise will need an enclosure that’s at least 50 gallons depending on the species. It’ll need to be properly lit, well ventilated and feature a screen lid. Since tortoises like the sun and are active during the day, you’ll want to have it lit for about 8-10 hours each day. You’ll need a specially designed bulb that can replicate the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Tortoises also like damp and warm habitats, with varying degrees depending on the species. Also, decorate the enclosure with sticks and plants so they can feel at home.

Baby Tortoises For Sale Will Need The Same Care

A baby tortoise will need the same kind of care as adult tortoises for sale. However, you’ll want to make sure to pay extra attention to a few things since a baby tortoise for sale will be smaller than their adult counterparts. Be careful not to make the enclosure too hot. An enclosure that’s heated on one side and closer to room temperature on the other is ideal. Always have a shallow bowl that’s filled with clean water in the enclosure. The water should also be no deeper than the chin of the baby tortoise.

A baby tortoise will have a varied diet that depends on its species. However, be sure to add supplements with calcium and vitamin D3 at every other feeding. Don’t forget to raise baby tortoises in a low stress environment, which means limiting how much you handle them.

Buy Tortoises Online

Don’t think you have to head to the pet store to purchase a tortoise. Save yourself the time and trip by simply opting to buy tortoises online! You’ll find a better selection of species options when you buy tortoises online, too. The main thing to consider when opting to buy tortoises online is that you need to research sellers to ensure you’re getting a healthy reptile pet.

Reptile Pets Are Amazing

If you’re on the fence about buying tortoises for sale online, know that reptile pets are amazing! With reptile pets, you don’t have to worry about pet dander or dust mites since they have no fur. They are also a lot less messy than a dog or cat. So if you’re looking for reptile pets online, check out xyzReptiles’ vast selection.

The Convenience Of An Online Reptile Store

September 4th, 2018 by

You can buy anything online these days! You can purchase your groceries, clothes, electronics and even your reptile pets. An online reptile store is so much more convenient than your local pet store in a number of ways. An Online reptile store is a great option since it connects you with the reptile breeder world directly versus only the animals your local pet store may carry. You’ll be able to find the best deals on reptiles and so much more including heating, lighting and other dry goods your new pet will need. Buying from an online reptile store allows you to buy common species as well as hard-to-get mutations. You can also purchase high-end reptiles that you might not find at a local store.

Shopping at an online reptile store, you’ll be able to purchase the exact morph you are looking for across various species. Most likely you wouldn’t be able to do this at your local pet store, as inventory would be limited! The variety of reptiles available online and the convenience of having them shipped to you are why many opt to purchase from an online reptile store. But since you can’t inspect them up close, you’ll need to do some research to find an online reptile store that you can trust. Online forums and buyer reviews can help you decide on the right online reptile store to purchase from to ensure you are getting a quality pet and good service.

Buy Snakes Online From A Reptile Store

If you’re looking for a unique snake morph, online reptile stores are a great choice. You’ll be able to buy snakes online that you won’t find anywhere else. A unique morph is hard to find at a  brick-and-motor pet store, but is quite easy online. A bit of research and you’ll be able to find any sort of pet snake that suits your fancy. Save yourself the time and buy snakes online!

Buy Lizards Online From A Reptile Store

Besides snakes, you can also buy lizards online. Lizards are always popular pets thanks to their low maintenance. You can find a wide variety of lizard options online, including the most common ones to the most exotic. To buy lizards online, you just need to find a reputable online reptile store and browse their wide selection.

Buy A Tortoise For Sale From An Online Reptile

Many online reptile stores also sell tortoises. But before you purchase a tortoise for sale, it’s important that you do your research. You should research the individual species and how to care or each tortoise for sale you are interested in buying before purchasing it. Regardless if you buy a baby tortoise for sale or an adult, just make sure you purchase from a reputable online reputable store like xyzReptiles!

What Do Tortoises For Sale Eat?

August 30th, 2018 by

Caring for reptiles is fairly easy, which is why many like them as pets. For example tortoises for sale need minimal care compared to traditional pets like cats and dogs. You’ll have to buy suitable enclosures, that will include heating and lighting that will range in size depending on which pet tortoise you decide to purchase. Many wonder what sort of food to buy their chosen reptile pet. It’s good to note that not every tortoise will want to eat the same thing.

Not all reptiles for sale are carnivorous as some may think. Some eat plants and are considered herbivores. Knowing what foods to give you new pet is essential to keeping them happy and healthy. As a pet owner, your reptile will rely on you to feed them a well-balanced diet of their preferred food choices.

Buy From An Online Reptile Store

Once you’ve figured out which reptile you’ll like to get, it’s time to find the right online reptile store to purchase from. Researching various online reptile stores will help you find the best one. You’ll want to make sure the online reptile store you buy from is a reputable seller and has good online reviews. Buying from any other online reptile store can translate to unhealthy reptile pets and other problems.

What Do Tortoises For Sale Eat?

While some prefer lizards or snakes as reptile pets, many choose to purchase tortoises for sale instead. Tortoises for sale are  great reptile pets and are easy to maintain and care for. Feeding your tortoise is also an easy task since they are generally omnivores. Tortoises for sale eat a mixed diet that includes protein like insects and vegetables a few times a week. You can also feed tortoises for sale commercial turtle food, such as turtle pellets or freeze-dried fish food.

What do Baby Tortoises For Sale Eat?

You might be wondering if baby tortoises for sale need special baby food. But their diet isn’t that much different from adult tortoises. However, you’ll need to also add in Vitamin D3 powder for baby tortoises. This supplement is essential and must be given on every meal for the first year of life. After the first year, you can give it twice a week. You can give baby tortoises lettuce as a hydration tool. But note that it has little nutritional value, so make sure it’s not the only thing you’re feeding the baby tortoise.

How To Tell If Tortoises For Sale Are Healthy

August 1st, 2018 by

If you are shopping tortoises for sale, it’s important to know the signs that you purchased a healthy one. The last thing you want is to have bought a tortoise for sale online and have it delivered to you sick and unwell. In order to make sure you got your money’s worth, it’s important to look for a few signs to make sure that any tortoises for sale you purchase are indeed healthy and well.

If the baby tortoise for sale has a warm enough body temperature, then you’ll notice that it moves about fairly fast. Healthy tortoises for sale will be active and walk with the bottom of their shell clear of the ground. You’ll also notice that the shell on the tortoise will be smooth to the touch and have no obvious signs of injury or feature bumps on top. When holding them, they should feel solid and not light.

The tortoise should have eyes that are bright, clear and free of discharge. Its tongue should be pink and clear (if not stained from just eating something). It shouldn’t have an overgrown beak and the top beak should have a slight overbite. Look for baby tortoises for sale that have ears right at the side of their heads and that are covered by skin. It’s okay if they look like they have a round dark scale on them.

The skin is an important factor to look for in healthy tortoises for sale and should be free of mites or ticks. Its tail should be clean and not dirty with feces. Plus, its feces should be dry and firm instead of watery or loose.

Buy Tortoises Online From Reputable Sites

When you buy tortoises online, you want to make sure that you purchase from reputable sites. This way you know you’ll purchase a healthy baby tortoise for sale. To find healthy tortoises online, look at the reviews. Never buy tortoises online without researching the site and checking any and all reviews. This will help you purchase a healthy tortoise free of disease.

Reptile Pets Are Great For Everyone

Tortoises for sale make great pets for people of all ages! But there are more reptile pets that will make your family complete. xyzReptiles offers a wide array of reptile pets for sale! The large selection includes tortoises, snakes, lizards and more. Reptile pets are easy to care for and can be enjoyed by the whole family. So when you’re looking for reptile pets to buy, xyzReptiles has you covered.!