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Five Benefits Of Ball Pythons As Pets

The many benefits of ball pythons as pets are why they’re the most popular snake in the exotic pet trade. Widely regarded as one of the best pet snake options for beginners (if not the best), these snakes are guaranteed to make you fall in love with reptiles. However, their charms aren’t limited to newbies. Experienced snake-enthusiasts also find great satisfaction in owning ball pythons. A snake that delights both first-timers and seasoned pros? Yes! It is a further testament to how wonderful ball pythons are. Here are five of the best things about owning a ball python:

Social & Well-Tempered

One of the best-behaved snakes out there, ball pythons are sweet and docile. They have a natural affinity towards being handled which is important to owners who want a hands-on experience with their snake. 

Certain species of snakes are more of a beautiful living display than a pet. With a ball python, you can enjoy an interactive pet experience with your animal companion. It’s also a lot of fun! Pick one up and you’ll soon see where the ball python got its namesake. Their instinct is to curl tightly around objects they come into contact with. It’s a fun sensation that every snake-lover should experience at least once. 

In addition to being a highly social and well-tempered snake, ball pythons are non-aggressive. This makes them a safe option for owners with families, even small children.  

Low Maintenance & Convenient

A practical benefit of ball pythons is that they’re easy to care for, even when compared to other beginner-friendly snakes. This species is sturdy, healthy, and very independent. Even though they do quite well with human interaction, they wouldn’t be negatively affected if they were left alone. Unlike other types of pets that need space to roam around, ball pythons (and most snakes in general), have no such requirements. As long as they are warm and fed, they can be content in their glass tanks for the rest of their many years. 

When it comes to their tank setup, you’ll do fine with just the basics. Ball pythons like warm, dry habitats. Their ideal temperatures are straightforward, so you won’t have to worry about getting any sort of specialized warming bulbs. Plus, without having an aquatic element involved in their enclosure, there’s no need to fuss with humidity levels. Bonus, there’s also a lot less clean-up involved.

Also, you can’t talk about convenience without mentioning a ball python’s size. Averaging between 4 and 5 feet long, ball pythons are medium-sized snakes which makes them easy to house. No matter how small your apartment or crowded your living situation, if you have a few open square feet, you have plenty of room to accommodate a ball python.   


Cost is another important factor of pet ownership, and one of the most practical benefits of ball pythons. We can all agree that your pet shouldn’t put you out of house and home. You’ll never have to worry about that with a ball python as these are quite affordable snakes. Many of the aspects that make ball pythons convenient to keep also save money: their small size, their simple set up, that they don’t need toys or other types of entertainment.  The biggest costs are the upfront ones. These include the cost of buying the animal itself and the supplies for its habitat.

Food and vet visits are often the largest costs that come up when owning an animal, but once again, ball pythons make it easy on your wallet. Adult ball pythons don’t eat often, only doing so every 10-14 days. When they do eat, they only need about one appropriately sized rodent to keep them sated (What’s an appropriate size? The mouse or rat should never be bigger than the widest part of the snake). Total, your monthly ball python food costs can easily be less than $15 a month, depending on the size of the snake.  

Beautiful & Customizable

Looks aren’t everything, but it is impossible to talk about the ball python without mentioning its beauty. One of the best aspects of owning one is the wide variety of patterns and colors of ball pythons to choose from. These different combinations are known as morphs, and there are thousands of them. The popularity of this species combined with the efforts of dedicated breeders has resulted in a vast array of ball python morphs, the number of which seems to grow every year.

The natural coloration of a ball python is either dark brown or black, with tan splotches along its back and sides and a white underbelly. Now the species can be found in entirely new shades and striking patterns. Aside from the classic ball python, some of the most popular ball python morphs include the blue-eyed leucistic, albino ball pythons, or the exotic banana ball python. Keep in mind that the price can vary depending on the rarity of the morph. Your average ball python will cost around $100. A rare designer morph, however, could cost upwards of several hundred.  

Should You Buy A Ball Python?

For someone who is always on the go, or just does not have the time to care for a high maintenance animal, a ball pythons is an ideal pick. No matter your lifestyle, it’s easy to make a ball python fit. This is the kind of pet where you could go on vacation and come back to a perfectly content snake. You get the enjoyment of physically interacting with an animal, without the fuss of needing to buy expensive food, hire a sitter, or keep it entertained. 

The benefits of ball pythons aren’t just because they are a practical pet option, but they excel as a long-term companion. Ball pythons have a long lifespan of about 20-25 years. As such, their owners have literal decades to build trust, bond, and truly uncover their snake’s personality. 

Ball pythons really do have it all as a pet. There are thousands of different options to choose from and all with the same great temperament.  You’re guaranteed an easy pet experience no matter which kind of ball python you get. That’s something that all animal-lovers can appreciate!


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