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Bioactive Vivarium

Setting up a bioactive vivarium for your reptile, amphibian, isopods or other invertebrates allows for proper burrowing behavior that would naturally occur in the wild. It allows for proper egg laying behaviors if necessary. A key component to any bioactive vivarium is the substrate. The organic materials in our bioactive substrate, will break down over time and release certain smells that stimulates pets causing them to investigate. This promotes increased activity in reptile pets. Naturalistic bioactive vivariums are becoming more popular every day. They are aesthetically pleasing and are becoming the most recommended way of housing exotic pets. In some cases, it’s the only way of housing certain reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.
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Verified Customer Reviews

Juan Zavala
caldendar iconMay 07, 2020

Isopods loved it! A must have for any isopod enclosure.... Read more

Juan Zavala
caldendar iconMay 07, 2020

Very good mix for Isopods! Maintains good humidity. Would definitely recommend.... Read more

Kristopher Boldizar
caldendar iconJanuary 15, 2020

Very cool enclosure! Simple to assemble, looks great, and it's lightweight too...the only thing I'm not too fond of is the lighting setup, but I plan to retrofit an led strip...I'll definitely get some more of these.... Read more


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