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We offer quality reptile supplies for sale including Zoomed & Repashy products at discount prices with fast low cost shipping! We carry a range of products to keep your reptile pets fed, healthy and warm! Not all reptile related products are made the same way. We work with a small number of manufacturers that were started by reptile enthusiasts who have made it their life’s work to ensure that the products they sell are as good as the products they would use themselves. You can trust that the same products we offer on our site can be found in our homes as well.
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Verified Customer Reviews

I ordered Isopods and Bioactive Substrate for them. They care about the animals they send you because they wouldn’t even ship them until the next Monday. They arrived extremely fast after shipment and they were all alive and very active and healthy... Read more

Chelsea Nicklyn
caldendar iconAugust 02, 2019

I really like it! My snake went right in it! Will be purchasing more items soon!... Read more

Arrived healthy and lively just like my powder oranges.... Read more

Brian Sanford
caldendar iconJuly 12, 2019

Gorgeous book, if your into the various ball python morphs and pain jobs it’s a must have.... Read more

Reptile Supplies

Most people assume that buying a healthy pet reptile means having a perfect pet for life. The truth is that an animal’s health depends not only on the quality at time of purchase but the maintenance and diet for the animal’s whole life. At xyzReptiles we carry an array of essential reptile supplies including lighting, heating, food and dietary supplements.

Reptile Supply

If you are searching for supply products let us be the source for your online shopping experience. With over 25 years in experience raising and breeding a variety of reptiles we have come to the conclusion that some reptile supply brands are more relevant than others. We have taken this into consideration when picking the supplies and foods that we offer our customers. We want to make sure that our customers are giving their reptile pets on the best quality products on the market.


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