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Bearded Dragons, Tegus, Iguanas And Other Lizards for Sale Kept As Pets

With the progress made in captive breeding of many different exotic reptiles and the expansion of the product lines available to keep these animals healthy, it’s no wonder that more and more lizards for sale are available on the market every single year. Some of the more sought after species happen to be Bearded Dragons, Iguanas and South American Tegus.

Bearded Dragon Lizards As Pets

Bearded Dragons are one of the more heavily produced and sought after medium sized lizards in the exotic reptile pet trade. These communal and friendly lizards originated from Australia but are very different from their wild cousins. After many generations of captive breeding Bearded Dragons have come to take on many different colors from yellow and orange to red, white and black. There are even scale mutations like leatherback and silky which give the animals scales a different texture and look. Bearded dragons are kept as a beginner reptile pet by reptile lovers of different ages and have a comfortable and healthy life in most homes.

Tegus As Pets

South American Tegu Lizards are a larger and more robust reptile pet with some species reaching sizes in excess of four feet and weighing upwards of fifteen pounds. Captive bred Tegu Lizards can be found in many different colors including red, blue, black and white as well as albino and hybrids. The red and blue tegus both become brighter with age while the black and white tegu loses its brightly colored tones of its green head after a few weeks while getting brighter shades of black and white as it matures. Tegus can live comfortably given a large enough enclosure and can be maintained on an entirely processed diet of ground turkey, eggs, canned food and fruits.

Iguanas As Pets

Although Iguanas are one of the earliest lizards kept as pets by herpers, their popularity has regained some steam as of late with the introduction of many new color variations. Aside from the wild type green iguana, keepers can now enjoy the red, blue, albino and many combinations of those colors. Iguanas can grow to an adult size of over five feet and will need a large enclosure and will benefit from access to natural sunlight. They can grow and thrive on a variety of ready-made diets as well as a mixture of leafy vegetables, fruit and flowers.

At xyzReptiles we have a healthy selection of iguanas, tegus, bearded dragons and many other pet lizards for sale. We always recommend a healthy respect for wildlife and ask our clients to spend some time getting familiar with their reptiles needs before making a purchase. Should you have any questions or concerns about lizards or other reptiles feel free to contact us at any time.

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