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Tegus for Sale

Tegus are the Western Hemispheres version of the Monitor Lizard. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are a calm and gentle pet reptile. When researching tegus for sale it’s good to know that the albino blue tegu and the hybrid blue x red tegu started right here in South Florida with some of our trusted breeders. Florida is home to a number of tegu breeders and that gives us the benefit of acquiring and selling healthy and vibrant baby tegus to our customers on a year round basis.

Note: Tegus Can No Longer Be Sold Or Shipped to Florida Addresses.



Verified Customer Reviews

Mackenzie Holder
caldendar iconJanuary 21, 2021

It ended up getting stolen in the mail but its being sorted out and xyzreptiles customer service is super sweet in helping me find it.... Read more

Savannah Palmer
caldendar iconJanuary 19, 2021

Very pleased with my order! My leopard geckos love them :D way better than what I have bought from local pet stores (and much more alive lol). Definitely ordering from here again! I might even get my first hognose from them when I'm ready to buy and ... Read more

Sarah Cales
caldendar iconJanuary 17, 2021

Absolutely pleased with our order! Our baby pinstripe is not only healthy & beautiful, he has a great demeanor. We are in love & will be a return customer!... Read more

Elijah Rubidoux
caldendar iconJanuary 17, 2021

My girl came in last week and had to adjust to her new environment for two days. But she is so active and great with being handled. I will definitely be ordering more snakes from here!... Read more

Buy Tegus Online

When you are ready to buy tegus online remember that we offer a great selection and competitive prices on dozens of baby to adult tegus. Tegus have been known to recognize their keepers and to show affection and personality to rival cats as pets. Many tegu owners keep them in large areas where they can interact with people and other animals without worry. Tegus eat a varied diet of prepared foods and vegetables as well as fruits so make sure you check out our supplies page for your well-rounded tegus diet.


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