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Pet Lizards And Their Individual Needs

Due to the exotic nature of many of the pet lizards for sale on our site we always recommend that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with their individual needs. These needs can cover many areas including diet, lighting, heating, enclosure size and potential adult length and age for each specific animal.

Picking The Right Lizards For Sale

Aside from the obvious initial choices to be made regarding your next pet lizard like the species, color and size, some thought and research has to be put into their individual needs as well. Picking the right lizards for sale can be fun, instructional and educational for you and your family. Some of the research has to be conducted on your own but most of it can be found right here or in many of our other informational weekly blogs.

How Big Will My Pet Lizard Get

Like most reptiles, lizards never stop growing. They all reach a potential adult size that is pre-determined by their genetics but there is room for variation in that figure. Most of the smaller lizards will be things like Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos and Abronia while some of the medium sized examples will be Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongue Skinks and Savannah monitors. If you are looking for and are ready for a larger pet lizard then we would recommend an Iguana, a Water monitor or a Tegu. These animals range from an adult size of six to eight inches all the way up to six feet and beyond.

What Type Of Lighting Or Heating Should I Use

All lizards are cold blooded and will need some sort of external heat source in order to regulate their body temperature and manage basic needs like digesting their food or getting the energy to move, hunt and live. While some lizards are more suited for a cooler enclosure some like the Bearded Dragon and Uromastyx will need a basking spot that reaches over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The use of UVB lighting is also extremely essential for all lizards except the nocturnal ones like Leopard Geckos. When setting up your enclosure make sure to read a care sheet written exclusively for the species of reptile you are about to keep to make sure that you have the proper temperature and lighting needs covered.

What Does My Pet Lizard Eat

There are different diets that are required by different species of lizards and finding the correct one is essential in keeping your pet happy and healthy for its entire life. Some lizards like the different monitors and Caiman Lizards are carnivores and will need a diet that is based on insects, rodents, canned or processed meats and snails or fish. Other lizards like Bearded Dragons and Blue Tongue Skinks are omnivores and need a variety of plants, fruit, insects and rodents to keep them healthy. Finally there are lizards like Uromastyx and Iguanas that will eat seeds, plants and occasionally some insects when other foods are not available.

Knowing the dietary and habitat requirements for any animal in your care is essential and a duty that every reptile keeper relishes as part of the hobby, Expanding your knowledge and keeping your animals

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