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Having the right reptile accessories can help ensure your reptile pet is healthy and happy in its environment. We offer the best reptile accessories at affordable prices with fast low-cost shipping. Whether you are looking for essentials like bedding or reptile lighting and heating we have it. We also offer a variety of other reptiles supplies to spruce up your pets environment.
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This was my first experience obtaining isopods for my terrariums. I was extremely pleased with the process of the whole order. The packaging was very impressive and the isopods were very active when they arrived. I will definitely be spreading the ... Read more

I buy all of my Isopod Substrate from XYZ Reptiles. All of my Isopods are thriving in it. I highly recommend!... Read more

Received Rubber Duckie Isopods extremely fast! They are healthy and active. Great dark color. Packaged really well. I highly recommend XYZ Reptiles!!!... Read more

Arrived alive and very active. Alot of adults in the shipment. Will order more soon!... Read more


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