How To Properly Handle Pet Ball Pythons For Sale

January 9th, 2019 by

Before you buy pet ball pythons for sale, you’ll have to ask yourself if you will be able to confidently handle them. If you’ve never owned snakes before (or even been around them), know that they can sometimes be an intimidating reptile at first. Handling pet ball pythons for sale takes a certain level of confidence on your part or else the reptiles will react to your nervousness. Although pet ball pythons for sale are docile in nature and fairly easy to handle, they can still be a bit active at times, causing novice snake owners to question their confidence levels.

Tips For Handling Your New Ball Python

When you first bring your snake home, you won’t want to handle it right away. Let it adjust to its new home and environment for one or two days. Wild ball pythons are secretive reptiles and spend most of their time hiding, which is why hiding places are important additions to their enclosures. Your new ball python might also be stressed after all the commotion during transport, so let it settle down first.

Then when you finally do handle your ball python for the first time, you’ll want to pick it up by the middle part of its body. Never pick it up by its head. Always stay clear from its head since it’ll most likely flinch backwards and roll itself into a ball (hence its name “ball” python). Support the middle of the snake’s body well, holding it with both hands. Allow its head to move as it wishes, making sure to give it plenty of support as the snake moves freely. Don’t startle your snake as you try to pick it up, either. If your ball python sees you coming, it’ll be easier to pick up. But the most important thing about handling pet ball pythons for sale is not to handle them too often. Aim for only three to four times a week.

Plenty Of Ball Python Morphs For Sale To Choose From

Now that you know how to properly handle a ball python, it’s time to find your perfect snake! There are plenty of ball python morphs for sale to choose from. There are natural-colored brown ball pythons to bright albino ones and everything in between. The hard part will be choosing just one from all the ball python morphs for sale!

Snakes Make Great Reptile Pets

Snakes, in general, make great reptile pets! They require minimal care compared to dogs or cats and stay in their enclosures for the entire day. These reptile pets only need to be fed once a week and are docile in temperament. Plus, you don’t have to give them constant attention. Just make sure that you purchase your reptile pets from a reputable dealer to ensure that they’re healthy.

How To Keep Pet Tortoises For Sale Safe And Healthy

December 2nd, 2018 by

Pet tortoises for sale can live long, healthy lives if they are properly cared for. Because tortoises aren’t traditional pets like cats and dogs, many find them a bit more complicated to own. However, they are reasonable easy to care for, making them great pets for the whole family! Knowing how to keep pet tortoises for sale safe and healthy will make you a more confident owner.

Tortoises thrive when they can get sunshine and fresh air, so it’s important to give them a well ventilated cage and proper lighting when kept indoors. Their enclosure should closely resemble the natural environment of the species of tortoise you own. They’ll also require a shelter or hide-box at the cooler end of the enclosure and a basking area to allow them to regulate their body temperature. Also, tortoises have a varied diet of grasses, vegetables and fruits, and require diversity in their diet. Depending on the species, you may feed them some protein as well.

How To Care For A Pet Baby Tortoise For Sale

A pet baby tortoise will need to be kept indoors for the time being in the right housing. For desert tortoises, the enclosure needs to be dry and warm, while a tropical species needs a warm and humid environment. You’ll need a basking light for heat and plenty roaming room in its home. Feeding a pet baby tortoise for sale depends on their species, but all will need calcium supplements with every other meal, as well as vitamin D3.

Buy Tortoises Online

Caring for pet tortoises for sale is fairly easy and straightforward. If you feel you’re up to the task, you can buy tortoises online from reputable stores. Chances are, your neighborhood pet store won’t have a large variety of tortoises for sale. You can save time and look for the right pet tortoise for sale online. It’s more convenient and easier, allowing you to browse for your new pet from the comforts of your own home.

Other Reptiles Pets Worth Owning

If you’re not sure you can properly care for pet tortoises for sale, you should consider other interesting pet reptiles instead! Many owners find that lizards are the easiest reptile pets to have. Depending on the species, they are quite small and are easy to handle and care for. But if you’re adventurous, other reptile pets you might like include boas and python snakes. Reptile pets are becoming popular choices for many since they’re fun, low maintenance and exotic, making them appealing to those who something other than traditional pet animals.

Are Monitor Lizards For Sale Venomous?

November 21st, 2018 by

For those who prefer larger pets, monitor lizards for sale might be their ideal option. However, many wonder if these larger monitor lizards for sale from online breeders are venomous. These larger lizards are native to Africa, Asia and Australia. They have powerful tails, long necks and well-developed limbs. Currently, there is about 75 known species of monitor lizards, with new lizards discovered from time to time. Monitor lizards do produce a mild anticoagulant venom and are considered by some to be venomous. However, their bite isn’t fatal to humans. Bites will be painful and make the surface of the skin swell up, though.

Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing These Exotic Lizards

Monitor lizards for sale are thought as exotic pets by many. These exotic lizards are not for most beginner reptile owners. Although these intelligent and large exotic lizards have become popular in the reptile pet trade, there are things to consider before purchasing one. Depending on the species, they can grow relatively large and can be rather strong. This is why monitor lizards should not have free roam of homes with children, infants or small animals.

Buy Lizards Online

If you are a seasoned reptile owner and decide you’d like to go forward with owning a monitor lizard, it’s a good idea to look for one online. When you buy lizards online, you have a better chance of finding the perfect monitor lizard since traditional pet shops don’t usually carry a large variety due to space restrictions. Just make sure that you buy lizards online from reputable breeders or conscientious retailers. It’s also wise to get recommendations from forums as to which breeders or retailers to buy from. Don’t forget to also read reviews on breeders before you buy lizards online as pets. All this ensures that you get a healthy monitor lizard delivered to your front door!

Other Reptile Pets To Choose From

If knowing that monitor lizards are considered venomous makes you rethink your decision to buy one, there are many other reptile pets to choose from. Reptile pets are becoming increasingly popular over traditional cat and dog pets because they’re easy to care for and are fun to own. Other reptile pet options include snakes, tortoises and smaller lizards. These reptile pets have no fur, so you won’t have to worry about pet dander if you’re allergic. Plus, they are a lot less messy than other pets. They’ll live in their tank or vivarium for the majority of their time. Depending on the species, feeding can be as little once a week to every other day.

Are Boas For Sale Dangerous?

October 29th, 2018 by

When you think of boas, you probably think about giant snakes that wrap around their prey to suffocate them to death. But boas aren’t dangerous pets even though they can have deadly squeezes when it comes to their food. Owners just need to know how to safely handle their boa. Although some species of boas for sale can get large enough to be dangerous,  so can other large animals like some dogs and horses. It’s all about common sense when owning boas.

Yes, boas can grow to be quite large and can be dangerous if you let them wrap around your neck. However, if you know how to properly care and handle boa constrictors, they make great pets! Boas for sale online are bred in captivity, which is why they have more docile temperaments than their wild counterparts.

Why Boas Are Popular Reptile Pets

Out of all the different snake species kept as pets, boa constrictors are one of the most popular options among hobbyists. Boas can reach very impressive sizes and lengths. Boas are also interactive pet snakes, making them fun to own. Captive bred boas are used to human handling and features a vast variety of morphs – two reasons why they are such popular reptile pets. Both beginners and experienced hobbyists prefer boas as their preferred reptile pet thanks to their great dispositions.

Different Boa Morphs

Now that you know that boas for sale are not dangerous, you might be interested in knowing that there are many boa morphs available. Just like ball pythons, there are a number of different boa morphs to choose from. From dark colors to light hues, large patterns to small, boa morphs have evolved to include a wide range of options. A quick search on xyzReptiles will showcase the different boa morphs available.

The Best Reptiles For Sale

If you’re looking for the best reptiles for sale, xyzReptiles has them all! We have a beautiful Kenyan Sand Boa for sale that you’ll absolutely love! As one of the smallest boas in the world, adults rarely ever reach 36″ in length. Kenyan Sand Boas are known to burrow in the substrate, which you leave in their tank. You can add either sand, paper or aspen substrate. They are truly a delight to own! We offer baby Kenyan Sand Boas for sale that are healthy and fed before we ship them out to their new owners. Besides boas, we offer a vast selection of reptile pets for sale, too!

Some Pleasures Of Owning Snakes For Sale Online As Pets

October 9th, 2018 by

Some look at snakes and recoil in fear, but snake owners take pleasure in owning such majestic reptile pets. These owners take pride in looking for the perfect snakes for sale and relish in their purchase. The thrill of the search for the perfect snake is just as exciting as unboxing their precious pet.

But owning a snake isn’t for everyone. It takes a special owner to want to love such a reptile as a pet. Many of the snakes for sale that are bred in captivity have tamer temperaments than their wild counterparts. However, they still require confidence when handling. You can’t be timid or afraid of snakes when keeping them as pets. Confidence when holding snakes is key to owning them since the majority of snake bites are due to human error. If you’re tense, the snake will feel it and act accordingly.

If you’re excited and confident in your choice of choosing a snake as a pet, you’ll find that owning one can be very pleasurable. Snakes are also one of the most affordable and easiest reptiles to own. After the initial setup costs, you don’t have to buy much for them except food. Once you decide to purchase snakes for sale from a reputable breeder or store, you won’t regret your decision!

Why Buy Snakes For Sale Online

Don’t think that you can’t find healthy snakes for sale on the Internet! Choosing to buy snakes for sale online makes life easier for you. There’s no need to drive to a pet store miles away or buy tickets for a pet expo. You can shop for snakes in the comforts of your own home with a few clicks on your computer or smartphone.

Reptile Pets Are Becoming Popular

Reptile pets are becoming popular choices for owners who find pleasure in non-traditional pets. For these individuals, reptile pets are easier to care for and cooler than their traditional counterparts. Some find that they are a lot less messy than your average pet. Depending on the species, reptile pets can stay confined to their tank for the majority of the time. You just need to keep them clean and healthy for a long life.

Find A Variety Of Reptiles For Sale at xyzReptiles

Those looking for snakes for sale have come to the right place! xyzReptiles offers a variety of reptiles for sale, including the highly popular Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python. Its bright blue eyes and amazing paper white skin immediately catches your attention! When you’re in search of a beautiful Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python for sale, or various other reptile pets we have what you’re looking for. Ordering from us will get you a  perfectly healthy snake shipped to your front door with a live arrival guarantee!

How To Properly Care For Tortoises For Sale

September 18th, 2018 by

Before you pull the trigger and start looking for tortoises for sale online, you’ll need to educate yourself on how to care for them. The last thing you want to do is purchase a tortoise online only to find out you can’t properly care for it. For the most part, the majority of tortoises for sale online require the same kind of care. Knowing what to expect when it comes to caring for your tortoise will help you make an informed decision about buying one as a pet. Here are some things to know before you buy a pet tortoises.

A grown adult tortoise will need an enclosure that’s at least 50 gallons depending on the species. It’ll need to be properly lit, well ventilated and feature a screen lid. Since tortoises like the sun and are active during the day, you’ll want to have it lit for about 8-10 hours each day. You’ll need a specially designed bulb that can replicate the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Tortoises also like damp and warm habitats, with varying degrees depending on the species. Also, decorate the enclosure with sticks and plants so they can feel at home.

Baby Tortoises For Sale Will Need The Same Care

A baby tortoise will need the same kind of care as adult tortoises for sale. However, you’ll want to make sure to pay extra attention to a few things since a baby tortoise for sale will be smaller than their adult counterparts. Be careful not to make the enclosure too hot. An enclosure that’s heated on one side and closer to room temperature on the other is ideal. Always have a shallow bowl that’s filled with clean water in the enclosure. The water should also be no deeper than the chin of the baby tortoise.

A baby tortoise will have a varied diet that depends on its species. However, be sure to add supplements with calcium and vitamin D3 at every other feeding. Don’t forget to raise baby tortoises in a low stress environment, which means limiting how much you handle them.

Buy Tortoises Online

Don’t think you have to head to the pet store to purchase a tortoise. Save yourself the time and trip by simply opting to buy tortoises online! You’ll find a better selection of species options when you buy tortoises online, too. The main thing to consider when opting to buy tortoises online is that you need to research sellers to ensure you’re getting a healthy reptile pet.

Reptile Pets Are Amazing

If you’re on the fence about buying tortoises for sale online, know that reptile pets are amazing! With reptile pets, you don’t have to worry about pet dander or dust mites since they have no fur. They are also a lot less messy than a dog or cat. So if you’re looking for reptile pets online, check out xyzReptiles’ vast selection.

The Perfect Reptile Pets For Beginners

August 16th, 2018 by

Reptiles make amazing pets no matter how old you are. However, people are intimidated by getting reptiles as pets because they’re not familiar with how to care for them. This is why it’s important to know what sort of reptile pets are best for those just starting out. Knowing how to properly care for certain reptile pets will help you make an informed decision. You want to make sure you choose the right reptile so that you have the best experience with your new pet. Some reptile pets are easier than others, which make them perfect for beginners!

Best Reptiles For Sale

Some reptiles for sale are poor choices for beginners because of their adult size, environmental needs or their diet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stray away from owning reptile pets. You just need to know which reptiles for sale are best for beginners. You’ll want to find reptile pets that are low maintenance and affordable. Thorough research will help you find the right reptile to start with so that you can be well on your way to enjoying your new addition to the family.

Lizards are one of the easiest reptiles to own. Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons are two of the more common lizards for beginners. Leopard Geckos are the ideal lizards for beginners because they are small and easy to care for. They are nocturnal reptiles and do not require specialized lighting. They eat a variety of insects and are quite docile. Bearded Dragons need a good sized tank and require a UVA and UVB light. You’ll also need to buy the right equipment and enclosure for these reptiles for sale. Both leopard geckos and bearded dragon lizards are tame and fun for the whole family to play with.

Beginners Can Buy Lizards Online

You can buy everything on the Web these days, including lizards. But when you buy lizards online, you need to make sure that you purchase from a reputable site. This way you can ensure that the lizards are in good health and condition. It’s a lot easier to buy lizards online than to go to the pet store since you have more of a variety to choose from! Most pet stores only carry certain types of lizards. However, when you buy lizards online, you’ll be able to find the exact one you’re interested in!

Exotic Lizards From xyzReptiles

If you’re on the hunt for exotic lizards, xyzReptiles has a robust collection handpicked exotic lizards. Whether you’re looking for a hard-to-find exotic lizard or a captive bred lizard for sale, we’ve got you covered!

How To Tell If Tortoises For Sale Are Healthy

August 1st, 2018 by

If you are shopping tortoises for sale, it’s important to know the signs that you purchased a healthy one. The last thing you want is to have bought a tortoise for sale online and have it delivered to you sick and unwell. In order to make sure you got your money’s worth, it’s important to look for a few signs to make sure that any tortoises for sale you purchase are indeed healthy and well.

If the baby tortoise for sale has a warm enough body temperature, then you’ll notice that it moves about fairly fast. Healthy tortoises for sale will be active and walk with the bottom of their shell clear of the ground. You’ll also notice that the shell on the tortoise will be smooth to the touch and have no obvious signs of injury or feature bumps on top. When holding them, they should feel solid and not light.

The tortoise should have eyes that are bright, clear and free of discharge. Its tongue should be pink and clear (if not stained from just eating something). It shouldn’t have an overgrown beak and the top beak should have a slight overbite. Look for baby tortoises for sale that have ears right at the side of their heads and that are covered by skin. It’s okay if they look like they have a round dark scale on them.

The skin is an important factor to look for in healthy tortoises for sale and should be free of mites or ticks. Its tail should be clean and not dirty with feces. Plus, its feces should be dry and firm instead of watery or loose.

Buy Tortoises Online From Reputable Sites

When you buy tortoises online, you want to make sure that you purchase from reputable sites. This way you know you’ll purchase a healthy baby tortoise for sale. To find healthy tortoises online, look at the reviews. Never buy tortoises online without researching the site and checking any and all reviews. This will help you purchase a healthy tortoise free of disease.

Reptile Pets Are Great For Everyone

Tortoises for sale make great pets for people of all ages! But there are more reptile pets that will make your family complete. xyzReptiles offers a wide array of reptile pets for sale! The large selection includes tortoises, snakes, lizards and more. Reptile pets are easy to care for and can be enjoyed by the whole family. So when you’re looking for reptile pets to buy, xyzReptiles has you covered.!

What Are The Easiest Lizards For Sale To Own?

July 4th, 2018 by

Lizards are fun and interesting animals. They are also great pets for many owners looking for alternatives to traditional pets like cats and dogs. Not only are lizards amazing creatures, but lizards for sale is also a great introduction to owning reptiles. You can regularly handle lizards for sale and they are fairly easy to maintain. Many of them fit into your hand and have a gentle demeanor. Lizards for sale are also a lot less messy than other pets and won’t cause you to have allergic reactions like cats and dogs can. Plus, lizards for sale live longer than other pets, so you’ll have your beloved lizard for quite a while.

The Easiest Exotic Lizards To Have As Pets

There are many exotic lizards to choose as pets. Beginner reptile keepers are going to want to choose exotic lizards that are easy to maintain. A person’s first reptile pets should be something easy. This way, they learn how to care for them before they choose other exotic lizards that are more complex and challenging to own. Bearded dragons are the top lizard pets to own. These exotic lizards have more of a personality than others and have fairly easy caging requirements. They are the most friendly lizards you can own. They are great exotic lizards for children just starting out with lizards. They also grow to a good size, not growing too large. Since they come from hotter parts of Australia, these exotic lizards like their enclosures to be hot. They eat insects and plants, and come in a variety of morphs.

Another exotic lizard that’s easy to care for is the baby Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink. They make a great starter lizard pet for beginners of all ages! These exotic lizards are hand friendly and are easy to care for. We offer captive bred baby Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skinks for sale that are raised under optimal conditions.

Affordable Reptiles For Sale

Now that you know which lizards for sale are the easiest to own, you can purchase either a bearded dragon or a captive bred Baby Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink from us! We offer a variety of reptiles for sale that are perfect for both beginners and pros alike. Whatever reptile pets you are looking for, we most likely carry. When you buy lizards online, don’t just trust anyone and buy from the best!

How To Care For Our Baby Boas For Sale

July 1st, 2018 by

Our baby boas for sale are among the highest quality reptiles available. Since they’re bred to be the best of the best, that means they require close monitoring and the most suitable environment for growth and quality of life. So, how can you ensure that you’re doing right by your baby boa? I have a few tips to help guide you so you can give your boa the best life possible and keep it healthy for years to come.

First thing’s first, you’ll want to make sure that you invest in captive-bred baby boas for sale. When you’re browsing in stores, you can see the condition of the boa and assess if it’s healthy. Mites around the eyes, an unkempt enclosure, or signs of injuries are obvious signals that the boa has seen better days. Luckily, as a trusted seller, we are able to provide the highest quality reptiles. But what exactly are the main things needed to care for baby boas?

The right enclosure makes all the difference. As long as there is appropriate ventilation you can make an enclosure out of just about any materials. Make sure that you secure your enclosure, since boas like to escape, and that you have branches and dark hiding places.

Keeping your reptile warm is essential for them to thrive. A baby boa is no different. What you’ll want to do is maintain a heat gradient. You can do this by placing an under-tank heat panel on one side of the enclosure. Let it reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit at the warmer side and an overall temperature of 78 degrees. This will give your baby boa the ability to regulate its own temperature.

Is A Boa Constrictor For Sale Right For You?

The Colombian Red Tail is a baby boa constrictor for sale that we currently have available. It’s a beautiful, captive bred boa constrictor which is, frankly, widely available. For decades, breeders have been keeping them on the popular side. One in particular is the Colombian Boa Constrictor. With enough time and handling, these snakes for sale make great pets.

Colombian red tail boas are the most commonly kept constrictors. It could most likely be due to their personalities and natural gentleness. They’re available in different morphs and are best for those who have experience with reptile handling. They can typically live up to 30 years, but have been known to live up to 40 years. If you’re a beginner, you may be able to get away with a boa constrictor as your first pet, but understanding its needs will be a fun challenge.

Get Boa Morphs and Other Snakes For Sale Right Here

Boa morphs come in a variety of combinations. You can find these and other snakes for sale at our online store. We guarantee satisfaction and successful delivery with each reptile. Browse our boa morphs and get ready to find your new pet snake!