How To Properly Handle Pet Ball Pythons For Sale

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Before you buy pet ball pythons for sale, you’ll have to ask yourself if you will be able to confidently handle them. If you’ve never owned snakes before (or even been around them), know that they can sometimes be an intimidating reptile at first. Handling pet ball pythons for sale takes a certain level of confidence on your part or else the reptiles will react to your nervousness. Although pet ball pythons for sale are docile in nature and fairly easy to handle, they can still be a bit active at times, causing novice snake owners to question their confidence levels.

Tips For Handling Your New Ball Python

When you first bring your snake home, you won’t want to handle it right away. Let it adjust to its new home and environment for one or two days. Wild ball pythons are secretive reptiles and spend most of their time hiding, which is why hiding places are important additions to their enclosures. Your new ball python might also be stressed after all the commotion during transport, so let it settle down first.

Then when you finally do handle your ball python for the first time, you’ll want to pick it up by the middle part of its body. Never pick it up by its head. Always stay clear from its head since it’ll most likely flinch backwards and roll itself into a ball (hence its name “ball” python). Support the middle of the snake’s body well, holding it with both hands. Allow its head to move as it wishes, making sure to give it plenty of support as the snake moves freely. Don’t startle your snake as you try to pick it up, either. If your ball python sees you coming, it’ll be easier to pick up. But the most important thing about handling pet ball pythons for sale is not to handle them too often. Aim for only three to four times a week.

Plenty Of Ball Python Morphs For Sale To Choose From

Now that you know how to properly handle a ball python, it’s time to find your perfect snake! There are plenty of ball python morphs for sale to choose from. There are natural-colored brown ball pythons to bright albino ones and everything in between. The hard part will be choosing just one from all the ball python morphs for sale!

Snakes Make Great Reptile Pets

Snakes, in general, make great reptile pets! They require minimal care compared to dogs or cats and stay in their enclosures for the entire day. These reptile pets only need to be fed once a week and are docile in temperament. Plus, you don’t have to give them constant attention. Just make sure that you purchase your reptile pets from a reputable dealer to ensure that they’re healthy.

How To Properly Handle Ball Pythons For Sale

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If you’re considering purchasing ball pythons for sale, you’ll need to know how to properly handle and care for them. This is especially true if you’re a first-time snake owner. After unboxing your new pet snake, you won’t want to handle it for the first twenty four hours (or until you see that it’s moving about and acting normally). After that initial period, you should aim to handle the snake at least once or twice a week. Ball pythons don’t need too much social interaction for their mental health, so there is no need to hold them more than once a day. However, it’s just as important to handle your ball python regularly so that it stays tame. Handling your python is a great way for it to get in some routine exercise!

Tips For Handling A Ball Python

Always wash your hands first before you begin handling your ball python. Scent them with hand sanitizer to remove any viruses, bacteria or potential parasites from your hands. This also helps make your hands smell inedible to your ball python since it finds its prey with smell and heat sensing. Once the snake is calm, it’s safe to pick it up with two hands. Have one hand behind the head of the ball python and the other supporting the rest of its body.

You never want to pick up the ball python by its tail or else you risk damaging its spine. There is no such thing as an aggressive ball python for sale as a pet. However, they do act on instinct and don’t know a prey heat signature from a human hand sometimes. If you’re confident that you’ll be able to handle snakes, it’s time to start searching for ball pythons for sale online!

How To Choose Ball Python Morphs For Sale

The fun part about looking for your new pet snake is finding appealing ball python morphs for sale! There are many different ball python morphs for sale to choose from. The hard part will be choosing your favorite morph. From dark and alluring options to bright and bold morphs, you’ll be able to find the perfect morph after a browsing our online selection!

Ball Pythons And Other Reptiles For Sale At xyzReptiles

Check out all the different ball pythons for sale at xyzReptiles! You’ll find one that definitely catches your eye. But if you don’t think a ball python is your perfect pet, we also have various other reptiles for sale. We have tortoises for sale, as many different lizard options. With so many reptiles for sale, you’re bound to find your ideal pet while browsing our online store!

How To Choose Boas For Sale As Pets

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If you’re looking for exotic pets, you might want to consider snakes as a very popular option. These non-traditional pets are great for keepers of all ages since they are easy to care for. Boas for sale in particular make amazing pets! They are beautiful reptiles that have long life spans and are easy to own. If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of owning snakes, here’s how to choose the best boas for sale as pets.

Choose From Various Boa Morphs

The great thing about buying boas for sale is that there are a variety of boa morphs to choose from! A boa’s morph is a genetically inheritable mutation that makes it different from a normal looking boa. Breeders use two boas with colors and patterns they find appealing and then breed them to create unique boas with desirable traits. There are dozens of different types of boa morphs, providing you plenty of options so that you find the perfect pet boa constrictor!

How To Buy Boa Constrictors For Sale

You’ll want to buy captive-bred boas constrictors for sale from reputable breeders. Wild caught snakes tend to be more stressed and are more prone to disease and parasites. They’ll also be more difficult to tame than boas constrictors for sale from breeders. You’ll also want to buy a healthy boa, too, which can be difficult to determine when buying it online without having seen the snake in person. However, buying boa constrictors for sale online from breeders with positive reviews will decrease the chances of you getting an unhealthy snake. Do a cursory exam of your boa as soon as it arrives at your front door. Check for signs of illness, including external parasites, bubbles being emitted from its nose, retained skin and mouth rot.

Other Reptiles For Sale To Consider As Pets

If you find that boas aren’t the right pets for you, you can always opt for a few other reptiles for sale as pets. Lizards are amazing options and are a lot less messy than cats or dogs. If you keep them clean and healthy, they can provide hours of interaction and fun. Ball pythons are another snake option if you think boas are too heavy and large for you. You can also purchase a tortoise if you’re looking for a quirky and untraditional pet. There are plenty of different reptiles for sale online to pick from. Just make sure you research each reptile pet you’re considering to ensure that you’ll be able to properly care for and handle them.

What’s The Lifespan Of Ball Pythons For Sale?

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A pet snake is a long-term commitment – much longer than some people actually think. While traditional pets like dogs and cats can live upwards of 15 years, snakes are an entirely different story. If you’re thinking about purchasing ball pythons for sale as pets, you should know that they live for quite a long time. And when we say long, we mean it!

A Ball Python Has A Long Lifespan

In the wild, ball pythons can leave up to 10 years to 15 years. However, ball pythons for sale from reputable breeders can live anywhere from 20 to 30 years when properly cared for. The record lifespan for a ball python is currently 48 years, though! That’s quite a long time to have one pet when you think about it. This is why you’ll really need to think twice about purchasing ball pythons for sale as pets to ensure you are ready for the commitment.

Any responsible owner will know that they’re going to be in it for the long haul. Deciding that you no longer want your ball python pet after five years is not being a responsible owner. Because ball pythons live for a long time, you have to really consider their long lifespan when deciding if you should have one as a pet.

Buy From An Online Reptile Store

Once you’ve come to terms with how long ball pythons live and still want to own one, you should buy from an online reptile store. Unlike traditional pet stores, online reptile stores have a vast variety of ball pythons for sale, including the beautiful bumblebee ball python. This brightly colored yellow and black snake is a highly sought after ball python because of its eye-catching looks. Bumblebee ball pythons keep their color and pattern as they mature so if you buy one as a baby you can rest assured that the color and patter will not fade like some other morphs. Traditional pet stores usually don’t have this popular ball python morph available. Save yourself some time and searching and buy your bumblebee ball python from a reputable online reptile store!

A Variety Of Reptiles For Sale At xyzReptiles

If you decide that a ball python isn’t your ideal pet, you can always find other reptiles for sale at xyzReptiles! We offer a wide variety of reptile pet options, including tortoises, lizards and boas to name a few. Reptiles make amazing pets and we offer a live arrival guarantee for all the reptiles we sell. You’ll definitely find a reptile pet you’ll love while browsing our online store!


The Coolest Ball Python Morph Snakes For Sale

September 26th, 2018 by

When looking for snakes for sale, you have to figure out what sort of snake you’d like to have as a pet. The great thing about buying snakes for sale online is that you have more choices than you would at a traditional pet store or pet expo. If you’re looking for an exotic snake for sale or one that is a specific morph, you’ll most likely be able to find it online from a reputable seller.

Snakes are becoming popular pets for a number of reasons. Not only are they easy to care for, but they also feature really cool and interesting colors and patterns. This is from their breeding and is commonly referred to as a morph, especially in ball pythons! So if you’re looking for snakes for sale that are considered some of the coolest morphs, here are a few worth knowing about.

Cool Ball Python Morphs

With so many ball python morphs to choose from, trying to find the right one can be quite hard. It can be said that all of these snakes are beautiful and appealing. But some might catch your eye more than others. It doesn’t matter if you prefer darker colors or lighter hues, there are ball pythons to fit everyone’s preferences. A few popular and cool ball python morphs include:

  • Banana Ball Pythons also known as the Coral Glow Ball Python for its mix of bright colors.
  • Pied Ball Pythons are one of the most popular recessive mutation morphs from Africa and have beautiful colors.
  • Bumblebee Ball Pythons are a popular morph because of their pleasing colors and contrasting pattern.
  • Albino Ball Pythons are one of the original ball python morphs and are used to make a number of different combinations.

How To Find Ball Python Morphs For Sale

We just mentioned a few ball python morphs for sale, but there are plenty more to choose from. If you want to know more about different ball python morphs, a simple search on our site can provide you with many results. You’ll be able to find different ball python morphs for sale with ease. Finding the perfect snakes for sale is easy when you know where to look!

Find Snakes For Sale Online At xyzReptiles

If you’re looking for snakes for sale online then xyzReptiles is the perfect place to find them! We have a great variety of ball python morphs to choose from and frequently add new ones. Finding captive bred quality snakes for sale online is easy. Just do a little research and shop at a reputable online reptile store like xyzReptiles.

Differences Between Ball Pythons And Boas

September 10th, 2018 by

If you’re considering a snake as your next pet, you’re most likely trying to decide between ball pythons and boas. As two of the more popular snakes for pets, new owners have a hard time figuring out which of the reptiles they should purchase. Snakes are highly desired pets, which is why either one of them makes a great addition to your family. However, if you’re on the fence as to which one to go with, we’re here to explain some of the differences between ball pythons and boas.

Both snakes are some of the world’s most desired constrictors. Since ball pythons and boas are very similar in appearance to beginners, many mistake them for each other. However, there are several differences between the two, including physical characteristics, habits and reproduction methods.

A Python Versus A Boa

There are two different ways a snake has babies – either laying eggs or the eggs are incubated inside the mother. A python is an oviparous snake, so it lays it eggs and will then incubate them in order to keep them warm. A boa is ovoviviparous , meaning they have live hatchlings from an egg like membrane that are incubated inside the female.

The majority of boas live in the western hemisphere of the world in places like Central and South America. Ball pythons are Old World snakes, living in parts of Africa, Indonesia and Australia. The Burmese python was accidentally introduced into the wild in North America and since the 1980s numerous pythons are now invasive species living in the Florida Everglades.

A boa’s head bones are more distinct than those on a python since they have less bones. Boas also have fewer tihnoteeth than ball pythons. Where the two are similar is the fact that boas and ball pythons have two lungs, although most snakes only have one.

Do Boas For Sale Differ From Pythons As Pets

If you’re wondering if boas for sale differ from pythons as pets, here are some things to know. Ball pythons can be picky eaters at certain times of the year, but boa constrictors aren’t. Also, boas for sale online are pretty laid-back and slow moving with a pretty easy going temperament. Ball pythons like to hide and are less inclined to climb given they’re not arboreal in their natural habitat. Boas for sale online tend to be larger than a python snake, yet they have much slower metabolisms. This means they eat less often and can be fed smaller prey.

Different Boa Morphs

Similar to ball pythons, there are a wide variety of different boa morphs to choose from. From albino boas to Aztec boas, boa morphs vary in color and pattern. Online sellers like xyzReptiles provide customers with several boa morphs to choose from!

Common Ball Python Morphs

August 6th, 2018 by

The ball python is an extraordinary reptile! As one of the major snake options in the reptile trade , the ball python makes an even better pet. What makes the ball python even more interesting is the fact that it comes in more than 2,500 different color and pattern combinations. Trying to find the pall python of your choice can be a bit overwhelming given how many different morphs there are. But once you find one that’s enticing, you’ll know the minute you see it!

Once you choose your favorite ball python morph, you’ll find that owning a ball python as a pet is quite easy. They are a great choice for first-time snake pet owners because they are docile and relatively small. So if you’re looking for a unique reptile as a pet, a ball python is perfect!

The Different Ball Python Morphs

In order to choose your ball python, it’s best to first understand what a morph is. Snakes that look different from another normal looking snake of the same species is considered a “morph.” The difference between the normal looking one and the unique snake occurs in its patterns and coloration. Although there are different ball python snake morphs, some morphs more common than others.

The purple passion ball python morph features a beautiful purple morph with blue eyes. If you’re looking for a rare snake in the pet trade, go with the black eyed leucistic ball python, which is white with captivating black eyes. The mojave ball python morph is a co-dominant mutation, with one key trait being an all-white underbelly.

If you want a highly coveted snake in the captive bred reptile world, then go for the piebald ball python! You’ll absolutely love its amazing markings and colors that are eye catching. The piebald ball python morph features random patches of white on its body mixed in with other colored pattern.

xyzReptiles has a wide variety of morphs for you to choose from! You’ll be able to find the perfect snake pet for yourself, your child or even a friend. Once you’ve found your perfect ball python, you’ll want to make sure to educate yourself on how to properly care for it. You’ll definitely need an adequate glass aquarium for it, a box for it to hide in and a heat pad, in addition to a few other necessary requirements. But generally, these snakes are simple to care for.

Some Of Best Ball Python Morphs To Own

July 20th, 2018 by

The different ball python morphs available are part of the novelty of owning a ball python. Owning a reptile altogether is pretty unique in itself. For those wanting to go the extra mile on exotic pets, nabbing one of the hundred of morphs (and counting) gives you major points.

What’s great about ball python morphs is that there are always new combinations emerging. So, if you don’t find one that piques your interest, you’ll be sure to find one if you keep on searching. The great thing about the ball python morphs is that, although there are endless combinations, much of their care is the same.

You still have to create a suitable habitat for it which consists of hideaways, thermal gradient, and the right amount of humidity to help your python shed properly. Although a ball python is easy to care for, it still takes some effort to maintain a sanitary environment. That means cleaning any waste it produces as soon as possible to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Speaking of waste, you’ll find that ball pythons have a particular eating cycle. It wont eat as often as other pets and requires much less handling and supervision overall. Feed adult pythons every week or two. Don’t be alarmed if it’s not eating during winter months or it’s shed cycle. Keep an eye on its weight and overall condition and monitor any drastic changes.

Unique Ball Pythons For Sale

As I mentioned before, ball pythons for sale come in many different morphs. At xyzReptiles, we carry a variety of morphs for you to enjoy. It can get overwhelming with so many options, so here are a few unique ball pythons for sale that we highly recommend.

Yellowbelly Ball Python: we proudly produced this morph back in 1999 and we’re are happy report that all of our Yellowbelly Ball Pythons are from the original male founder stock.

Banana Ball Python: Our healthy banana ball python morphs are exceptional in their mixture of color, including red, purple, and pink.

Spider Ball Python: The baby spider ball python is a black and gold colored python that makes a great pet and future breeder.

Albino Ball Python: The baby albino ball python is white with orange and yellow color and have great tempers for all experience levels.

Our ball pythons for sale are captive-bred and sold as hatchlings to give you the most time possible with your reptile. Find your new ball python and choose from the many morphs available in our store.

Breeding codom morphs versus recessive ball python morphs, what has worked for me!

December 1st, 2015 by

One of the greatest human endeavors other than fighting polio and landing on the moon has been the global effort to breed ball pythons. There are many ordinary people across the world breeding some extra ordinary ball python morphs. This is my story and what has worked for me over the last nineteen breeding seasons.

Recessive Ball Python morphs better known as the long game

When breeding ball pythons there are three types of genetics that you can work with. There is the recessive trait which is masked by the dominant genes and needs to be present in both of the parental participants in order to be expressed in the offspring. When breeding recessive ball python morphs like albino or axanthic the most obvious way to go about it is to have two visual animals that can guarantee a 100% yield of visual offspring. This can be expensive so the next option is to breed a visual to a het or normal and make your own future breeder hets. The yield from this type of breeding averages out to 50% and is the most common in the industry. The last option is to breed a het male to het or possible het females and even though this is a hit or miss approach the results almost always outdo the cost so many beginners choose this route.

Dominant Ball Python morphs also considered the quick pay

The second type of mutation is the dominant mutation that has no visually distinct super or homozygous form. Examples of Dominant Ball Python morphs include the Spider gene and the Pinstripe gene. Both of these mutations can be bred together to make a homozygous super form that is no different visually than the single gene Spider or Pinstripe but when used in breeding will make a 100% yield of visual offspring. This is considered the quick pay way of breeding because many breeders have taken one visual male and at the age of 6–12 months produced up to 20 clutches of offspring with very minimal input. This method has been repeated by many but involves the use of an ultrasound machine to determine when females are most receptive to breeding or the very keen eyes of a seasoned breeder.

Incomplete or Co-Dominant Ball Python morphs

The final and most common type of ball python mutation so far is the Incomplete or co-Dominant mutation. There are many examples but some of the most common and widespread Co-Dominant Ball Python morphs include the Pastel and Yellowbelly mutations. These two mutations were some of the very first and showed the industry that there are hidden secrets in Ball Pythons that can be uncovered when two co-dominant genes are crossed producing the super form. When working with this type of mutation most people think it is best to get a male and make your own females that can be bred down the road to make supers. A smaller group of people including myself realize that a female of this mutation will yield results faster and continually if making large numbers is not the goal. You can take a female and breed her to another co-dom male the first year she is of size. The next year you can breed the offspring back to her to make a super and a combination. This process can be repeated and a single female can be the source of many years of genetic firsts in the right hands.

At xyzReptiles we have been involved in the breeding of many first ever Ball Python mutations and morphs. We carry a large and growing selection of Ball pythons and are always available to lend an ear and share our knowledge with future breeders and reptile pet owners. Feel free to reach out to us if you are considering the next step in building your Ball Python collection.