Should Pet Boas For Sale Eat Live Or Frozen Prey?

December 6th, 2018 by

Boas for sale make great pets! Not only are they unique, but they’re also fun to have. A question many novice snake owners ask is whether their pet boas for sale should eat live or frozen prey. The biggest misconception is that captive pet boas will only eat live prey. The thought behind that is wild boas eat live prey, so why wouldn’t captive-bred bred boas for sale? Eating live prey might be more natural for a wild animal, but the boas for sale you buy from online pet stores were never wild to begin with.

It’s better if you feed your pet boa frozen-thawed prey. It’s much safer for the snake and less traumatic on the prey item. If the boa isn’t hungry, it won’t eat the food and that is the end of that. This way you don’t risk another live animal in your snake’s enclosure. When left unattended, the other small animal could become stressed and attack the snake. Or they might fight back during a feeding and can cause minor injuries to your boa. An animal’s teeth and claws can damage the area near the snake’s mouth, eyes can get punctured and more. You are responsible for the well-being and health of your pets and that means feeding them properly. It’s actually better to feed pet boas for sale frozen prey that’s been thawed and warmed a bit.

All Boa Morphs Can Be Fed Frozen Prey

It doesn’t matter what pet boas for sale you choose, opt to feed them frozen prey. Despite all the boa morphs available to owners these days, all are the same when it comes to feeding. Some snake species in the pet trade are lizard and amphibian eaters, but boas are not one of them. Feed them frozen prey items to avoid all potential problems. When looking at different boa morphs, research if they eat small, medium or large rodents so that you know what sort of food to buy them. But you might also be able to convert a non-rodent eating snake into eating mice and rats.

Buy Pet Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale Frozen Mice

Out of all the boa morphs, the pet Kenyan Sand Boa for sale is perfect for owners not looking for a large snake. It’s one of the smallest boas in the world. An adult female Kenyan Sand Boa for sale rarely reaches 36” in length and the males are even smaller. These snakes like to burrow in the substrate, which can be either paper, aspen or sand and eat frozen prey. You’ll love how easy they are to raise!

Where To Buy Reptiles For Sale

If you’re wondering where’s a good place to buy boas for sale, look no further than xyzReptiles! As a premier online pet store, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of reptiles for sale. Besides boas for sale, we offer other snake species, as well as lizards and tortoises. All of our reptiles for sale are healthy and fed when we ship them to your front door!

How To Properly Handle Ball Pythons For Sale

November 30th, 2018 by

If you’re considering purchasing ball pythons for sale, you’ll need to know how to properly handle and care for them. This is especially true if you’re a first-time snake owner. After unboxing your new pet snake, you won’t want to handle it for the first twenty four hours (or until you see that it’s moving about and acting normally). After that initial period, you should aim to handle the snake at least once or twice a week. Ball pythons don’t need too much social interaction for their mental health, so there is no need to hold them more than once a day. However, it’s just as important to handle your ball python regularly so that it stays tame. Handling your python is a great way for it to get in some routine exercise!

Tips For Handling A Ball Python

Always wash your hands first before you begin handling your ball python. Scent them with hand sanitizer to remove any viruses, bacteria or potential parasites from your hands. This also helps make your hands smell inedible to your ball python since it finds its prey with smell and heat sensing. Once the snake is calm, it’s safe to pick it up with two hands. Have one hand behind the head of the ball python and the other supporting the rest of its body.

You never want to pick up the ball python by its tail or else you risk damaging its spine. There is no such thing as an aggressive ball python for sale as a pet. However, they do act on instinct and don’t know a prey heat signature from a human hand sometimes. If you’re confident that you’ll be able to handle snakes, it’s time to start searching for ball pythons for sale online!

How To Choose Ball Python Morphs For Sale

The fun part about looking for your new pet snake is finding appealing ball python morphs for sale! There are many different ball python morphs for sale to choose from. The hard part will be choosing your favorite morph. From dark and alluring options to bright and bold morphs, you’ll be able to find the perfect morph after a browsing our online selection!

Ball Pythons And Other Reptiles For Sale At xyzReptiles

Check out all the different ball pythons for sale at xyzReptiles! You’ll find one that definitely catches your eye. But if you don’t think a ball python is your perfect pet, we also have various other reptiles for sale. We have tortoises for sale, as many different lizard options. With so many reptiles for sale, you’re bound to find your ideal pet while browsing our online store!

How To Choose Boas For Sale As Pets

November 11th, 2018 by

If you’re looking for exotic pets, you might want to consider snakes as a very popular option. These non-traditional pets are great for keepers of all ages since they are easy to care for. Boas for sale in particular make amazing pets! They are beautiful reptiles that have long life spans and are easy to own. If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of owning snakes, here’s how to choose the best boas for sale as pets.

Choose From Various Boa Morphs

The great thing about buying boas for sale is that there are a variety of boa morphs to choose from! A boa’s morph is a genetically inheritable mutation that makes it different from a normal looking boa. Breeders use two boas with colors and patterns they find appealing and then breed them to create unique boas with desirable traits. There are dozens of different types of boa morphs, providing you plenty of options so that you find the perfect pet boa constrictor!

How To Buy Boa Constrictors For Sale

You’ll want to buy captive-bred boas constrictors for sale from reputable breeders. Wild caught snakes tend to be more stressed and are more prone to disease and parasites. They’ll also be more difficult to tame than boas constrictors for sale from breeders. You’ll also want to buy a healthy boa, too, which can be difficult to determine when buying it online without having seen the snake in person. However, buying boa constrictors for sale online from breeders with positive reviews will decrease the chances of you getting an unhealthy snake. Do a cursory exam of your boa as soon as it arrives at your front door. Check for signs of illness, including external parasites, bubbles being emitted from its nose, retained skin and mouth rot.

Other Reptiles For Sale To Consider As Pets

If you find that boas aren’t the right pets for you, you can always opt for a few other reptiles for sale as pets. Lizards are amazing options and are a lot less messy than cats or dogs. If you keep them clean and healthy, they can provide hours of interaction and fun. Ball pythons are another snake option if you think boas are too heavy and large for you. You can also purchase a tortoise if you’re looking for a quirky and untraditional pet. There are plenty of different reptiles for sale online to pick from. Just make sure you research each reptile pet you’re considering to ensure that you’ll be able to properly care for and handle them.

Are Boas For Sale Dangerous?

October 29th, 2018 by

When you think of boas, you probably think about giant snakes that wrap around their prey to suffocate them to death. But boas aren’t dangerous pets even though they can have deadly squeezes when it comes to their food. Owners just need to know how to safely handle their boa. Although some species of boas for sale can get large enough to be dangerous,  so can other large animals like some dogs and horses. It’s all about common sense when owning boas.

Yes, boas can grow to be quite large and can be dangerous if you let them wrap around your neck. However, if you know how to properly care and handle boa constrictors, they make great pets! Boas for sale online are bred in captivity, which is why they have more docile temperaments than their wild counterparts.

Why Boas Are Popular Reptile Pets

Out of all the different snake species kept as pets, boa constrictors are one of the most popular options among hobbyists. Boas can reach very impressive sizes and lengths. Boas are also interactive pet snakes, making them fun to own. Captive bred boas are used to human handling and features a vast variety of morphs – two reasons why they are such popular reptile pets. Both beginners and experienced hobbyists prefer boas as their preferred reptile pet thanks to their great dispositions.

Different Boa Morphs

Now that you know that boas for sale are not dangerous, you might be interested in knowing that there are many boa morphs available. Just like ball pythons, there are a number of different boa morphs to choose from. From dark colors to light hues, large patterns to small, boa morphs have evolved to include a wide range of options. A quick search on xyzReptiles will showcase the different boa morphs available.

The Best Reptiles For Sale

If you’re looking for the best reptiles for sale, xyzReptiles has them all! We have a beautiful Kenyan Sand Boa for sale that you’ll absolutely love! As one of the smallest boas in the world, adults rarely ever reach 36″ in length. Kenyan Sand Boas are known to burrow in the substrate, which you leave in their tank. You can add either sand, paper or aspen substrate. They are truly a delight to own! We offer baby Kenyan Sand Boas for sale that are healthy and fed before we ship them out to their new owners. Besides boas, we offer a vast selection of reptile pets for sale, too!

What’s The Lifespan Of Ball Pythons For Sale?

October 16th, 2018 by

A pet snake is a long-term commitment – much longer than some people actually think. While traditional pets like dogs and cats can live upwards of 15 years, snakes are an entirely different story. If you’re thinking about purchasing ball pythons for sale as pets, you should know that they live for quite a long time. And when we say long, we mean it!

A Ball Python Has A Long Lifespan

In the wild, ball pythons can leave up to 10 years to 15 years. However, ball pythons for sale from reputable breeders can live anywhere from 20 to 30 years when properly cared for. The record lifespan for a ball python is currently 48 years, though! That’s quite a long time to have one pet when you think about it. This is why you’ll really need to think twice about purchasing ball pythons for sale as pets to ensure you are ready for the commitment.

Any responsible owner will know that they’re going to be in it for the long haul. Deciding that you no longer want your ball python pet after five years is not being a responsible owner. Because ball pythons live for a long time, you have to really consider their long lifespan when deciding if you should have one as a pet.

Buy From An Online Reptile Store

Once you’ve come to terms with how long ball pythons live and still want to own one, you should buy from an online reptile store. Unlike traditional pet stores, online reptile stores have a vast variety of ball pythons for sale, including the beautiful bumblebee ball python. This brightly colored yellow and black snake is a highly sought after ball python because of its eye-catching looks. Bumblebee ball pythons keep their color and pattern as they mature so if you buy one as a baby you can rest assured that the color and patter will not fade like some other morphs. Traditional pet stores usually don’t have this popular ball python morph available. Save yourself some time and searching and buy your bumblebee ball python from a reputable online reptile store!

A Variety Of Reptiles For Sale At xyzReptiles

If you decide that a ball python isn’t your ideal pet, you can always find other reptiles for sale at xyzReptiles! We offer a wide variety of reptile pet options, including tortoises, lizards and boas to name a few. Reptiles make amazing pets and we offer a live arrival guarantee for all the reptiles we sell. You’ll definitely find a reptile pet you’ll love while browsing our online store!


Some Pleasures Of Owning Snakes For Sale Online As Pets

October 9th, 2018 by

Some look at snakes and recoil in fear, but snake owners take pleasure in owning such majestic reptile pets. These owners take pride in looking for the perfect snakes for sale and relish in their purchase. The thrill of the search for the perfect snake is just as exciting as unboxing their precious pet.

But owning a snake isn’t for everyone. It takes a special owner to want to love such a reptile as a pet. Many of the snakes for sale that are bred in captivity have tamer temperaments than their wild counterparts. However, they still require confidence when handling. You can’t be timid or afraid of snakes when keeping them as pets. Confidence when holding snakes is key to owning them since the majority of snake bites are due to human error. If you’re tense, the snake will feel it and act accordingly.

If you’re excited and confident in your choice of choosing a snake as a pet, you’ll find that owning one can be very pleasurable. Snakes are also one of the most affordable and easiest reptiles to own. After the initial setup costs, you don’t have to buy much for them except food. Once you decide to purchase snakes for sale from a reputable breeder or store, you won’t regret your decision!

Why Buy Snakes For Sale Online

Don’t think that you can’t find healthy snakes for sale on the Internet! Choosing to buy snakes for sale online makes life easier for you. There’s no need to drive to a pet store miles away or buy tickets for a pet expo. You can shop for snakes in the comforts of your own home with a few clicks on your computer or smartphone.

Reptile Pets Are Becoming Popular

Reptile pets are becoming popular choices for owners who find pleasure in non-traditional pets. For these individuals, reptile pets are easier to care for and cooler than their traditional counterparts. Some find that they are a lot less messy than your average pet. Depending on the species, reptile pets can stay confined to their tank for the majority of the time. You just need to keep them clean and healthy for a long life.

Find A Variety Of Reptiles For Sale at xyzReptiles

Those looking for snakes for sale have come to the right place! xyzReptiles offers a variety of reptiles for sale, including the highly popular Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python. Its bright blue eyes and amazing paper white skin immediately catches your attention! When you’re in search of a beautiful Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python for sale, or various other reptile pets we have what you’re looking for. Ordering from us will get you a  perfectly healthy snake shipped to your front door with a live arrival guarantee!

How To House Boas For Sale

October 2nd, 2018 by

If you’re thinking about getting a pet snake, you should definitely consider boas for sale as they are a popular option. Boas make amazing pets for a number of reasons. Boas in general are slow snakes and don’t require daily feeding, which is what makes them so easy to own. Boa constrictors can actually survive an entire week (or more) on one feeding on a properly sized prey item. Snakes are popular pets and boa constrictors are highly sought after reptiles.

You should know that the boas for sale that you find will need some commitment and patience in order to have a long, healthy life. Boas require pet owners to have a controlled environment for them in a medium to large enclosure. Some boas for sale can reach large sizes, and they’ll need to be housed in an adequately sized home for optimal comfort and health.

Boa Constrictors For Sale Can Grow Quite Large

Before you decide to look for boa constrictors for sale, it’s good to know beforehand that these reptiles can grow quite large. They can be anywhere between 8’ to 10’ and live between 15-20 years. Owning a boa is a long-term commitment. However, boas are docile pets and solitary snakes. Baby boa constrictors can live in regular glass terrariums for the first year or two comfortably. Once some baby boa species start to reach adulthood, you’ll have to purchase a custom enclosure for them. You’ll be able to find an adequate enclosure online for most boa constrictors for sale or you can opt to have a custom one made.

The enclosure size for a boa constrictor will need to be around 6’ to 8’ or even larger depending on the boa species. It will need to be 2’ to 3’ wide and tall. You’ll need to make sure that you’ll  be able to maintain a high enough temperature for the snakes comfort and you will want it to be easy to clean. Boas also need hides to feel safe and secure, which include snake hides, half logs, or even dense plastic plants.

How To Buy Boas For Sale Online

Once you’ve made up your mind to own a snake, you’ll be able to find various constrictors for sale online fairly easy. A great way to ensure that you get a healthy snake is to find boas for sale online from well known sellers. Look for positive reviews on forums, their website, Google and social media. They’ll also have a professional website advertising their boas for sale online.

xyzReptiles Offers A Variety of Snakes For Sale

xyzReptiles is a reputable online reptile store, and we offer a variety of snakes for sale. We carry boas, pythons and colubrids, in addition to many other reptile pets for your choosing! Our secure website, next day delivery and live arrival guarantee make shopping for reptile pets online an enjoyable experience. Read our reviews and see what our verified customers are saying.

What Do Tortoises For Sale Eat?

August 30th, 2018 by

Caring for reptiles is fairly easy, which is why many like them as pets. For example tortoises for sale need minimal care compared to traditional pets like cats and dogs. You’ll have to buy suitable enclosures, that will include heating and lighting that will range in size depending on which pet tortoise you decide to purchase. Many wonder what sort of food to buy their chosen reptile pet. It’s good to note that not every tortoise will want to eat the same thing.

Not all reptiles for sale are carnivorous as some may think. Some eat plants and are considered herbivores. Knowing what foods to give you new pet is essential to keeping them happy and healthy. As a pet owner, your reptile will rely on you to feed them a well-balanced diet of their preferred food choices.

Buy From An Online Reptile Store

Once you’ve figured out which reptile you’ll like to get, it’s time to find the right online reptile store to purchase from. Researching various online reptile stores will help you find the best one. You’ll want to make sure the online reptile store you buy from is a reputable seller and has good online reviews. Buying from any other online reptile store can translate to unhealthy reptile pets and other problems.

What Do Tortoises For Sale Eat?

While some prefer lizards or snakes as reptile pets, many choose to purchase tortoises for sale instead. Tortoises for sale are  great reptile pets and are easy to maintain and care for. Feeding your tortoise is also an easy task since they are generally omnivores. Tortoises for sale eat a mixed diet that includes protein like insects and vegetables a few times a week. You can also feed tortoises for sale commercial turtle food, such as turtle pellets or freeze-dried fish food.

What do Baby Tortoises For Sale Eat?

You might be wondering if baby tortoises for sale need special baby food. But their diet isn’t that much different from adult tortoises. However, you’ll need to also add in Vitamin D3 powder for baby tortoises. This supplement is essential and must be given on every meal for the first year of life. After the first year, you can give it twice a week. You can give baby tortoises lettuce as a hydration tool. But note that it has little nutritional value, so make sure it’s not the only thing you’re feeding the baby tortoise.

What Do Boas For Sale Eat?

August 28th, 2018 by

If you’re looking for snakes for sale as pets, you’re most likely doing as much research as you can. After all, you need to know what sort of pets snakes make to ensure you make the right choice. There are many snakes for sale that actually make great pets because they’re easy to care for and are unlike traditional pets. All they need are proper enclosures for their size, the right food and a few necessities to place in their enclosure.

The most common question when it comes to snakes for sale is what to feed them. Snakes normally eat rats or mice. Since pet snakes are carnivores, rats and mice are a balanced meal for them. However, there are some species that might also eat things like young rabbits, gerbils, chickens and guinea pigs. Some vets also recommend that some snakes are given frogs, insects, earthworms, eggs and other reptiles, too but not necessarily for the snakes commonly sold as pets.

Do Boa Constrictors For Sale Need Live Food?

If you’re particularly interested in boa constrictors for sale, you might wonder if they need live food. Feeding boa constrictors live rats and mice might be a bit hard to handle for some. If that’s the case, you should feed your boa pre-killed prey. If you feed your boa live prey, your snake might not eat it right away. When this happens, the prey can bite or gnaw at the snake as a way to protect itself. Look for boa constrictors for sale that are proven feeders and are eating frozen-thawed rats or mice instead. You can buy both live prey and frozen-thawed at many online reptile stores as well as at local pet shops depending on your preference. Remember when shopping different boas for sale you will need to also take the species into consideration when it comes to food items.

How Much Food Should You Give Boas For Sale?

Now if you have decided you want to feed your boa frozen prey, it’s time to address how much you should feed it. The amount of food boas need will depend on their age, size and species. When feeding boas, make sure that the prey isn’t bigger than half the diameter of the boa to help with digestion. You can ask your vet or a pet store employee the exact amount of food for the types of  boas for sale you are shopping for will need. You should feed boas whole prey. Since a boa’s jaw isn’t fused together, you don’t have to cut the food into smaller pieces. This allows boa constrictors to swallow their prey whole.

Do Pet Snakes For Sale Need Water?

Pet snakes for sale do need water in their enclosures. They drink water, but not very often. A large, shallow bowl of water will suffice. Pet snakes for sale might even soak it in and maybe relieve themselves in the bowl as well. Plus as a bonus the evaporation from the water will add humidity to the enclosure.

The Perfect Reptile Pets For Beginners

August 16th, 2018 by

Reptiles make amazing pets no matter how old you are. However, people are intimidated by getting reptiles as pets because they’re not familiar with how to care for them. This is why it’s important to know what sort of reptile pets are best for those just starting out. Knowing how to properly care for certain reptile pets will help you make an informed decision. You want to make sure you choose the right reptile so that you have the best experience with your new pet. Some reptile pets are easier than others, which make them perfect for beginners!

Best Reptiles For Sale

Some reptiles for sale are poor choices for beginners because of their adult size, environmental needs or their diet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stray away from owning reptile pets. You just need to know which reptiles for sale are best for beginners. You’ll want to find reptile pets that are low maintenance and affordable. Thorough research will help you find the right reptile to start with so that you can be well on your way to enjoying your new addition to the family.

Lizards are one of the easiest reptiles to own. Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons are two of the more common lizards for beginners. Leopard Geckos are the ideal lizards for beginners because they are small and easy to care for. They are nocturnal reptiles and do not require specialized lighting. They eat a variety of insects and are quite docile. Bearded Dragons need a good sized tank and require a UVA and UVB light. You’ll also need to buy the right equipment and enclosure for these reptiles for sale. Both leopard geckos and bearded dragon lizards are tame and fun for the whole family to play with.

Beginners Can Buy Lizards Online

You can buy everything on the Web these days, including lizards. But when you buy lizards online, you need to make sure that you purchase from a reputable site. This way you can ensure that the lizards are in good health and condition. It’s a lot easier to buy lizards online than to go to the pet store since you have more of a variety to choose from! Most pet stores only carry certain types of lizards. However, when you buy lizards online, you’ll be able to find the exact one you’re interested in!

Exotic Lizards From xyzReptiles

If you’re on the hunt for exotic lizards, xyzReptiles has a robust collection handpicked exotic lizards. Whether you’re looking for a hard-to-find exotic lizard or a captive bred lizard for sale, we’ve got you covered!