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Showing all 12 results

Colubrids for Sale

Colubrids are the class of snakes that include Rat Snakes, Milk Snakes, King Snakes as well as Hognose Snakes and many more. These brightly colored and patterned snakes are generally small to medium in length and slender bodied. The variety of environments they come from and the differences in localities of the same species make them a unique pet snake. Although there are many colubrids on the reptile market today, at xyzReptiles we try to pick and choose our colubrids for sale to feature the best and rarest we can find. With our access to many of the top breeders in the industry we can bring you rare and exotic animals like the scaleless rat snake and the hard to find Asian Rat snakes.

We carry a nice selection of Hognose snakes as well and are working hard to bring you more every day. We encourage all of our customers to reach us through the we buy snakes feature and help us acquire more quality captive bred colubrids as well as other reptiles. These beautiful snakes are a great beginner pet for most young reptile keepers and we are always here to assist you in finding the animal that suits you and your needs.

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